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Shaw Hard Surface Flooring

shaw hard surface commercial flooring

shawhardsurfacelogoContinental Flooring Company can provide Shaw Hard Surface flooring products to your facility. Shaw’s enhanced product line now offers resilient flooring products which include commercial sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and plank (LVP).

biolife shaw hard surface flooring

Shaw Hard Surface Flooring Options Include the Following:

Shaw Commercial Sheet Vinyl

  • Biolife™ Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl: Great for healthcare applications with its stabilizing back layer which helps to prevent seam failures; EcoGuard™ Quartz-Enhanced Urethane finish protects damage from heavy loads and offers stain resistance; 20% recycled content, FlorSept™ adds antimicrobial properties. 6′ rolls (approx 40′).
  • Naturelife™ Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl: Wood visuals; wear resistant matte finish; Embossed in Register Surfacing Technology adds texture; FlorSept™ adds antimicrobial properties; 20% recycled content. 6′ rolls (approx 40′).
  • Rexcourt Sports Flooring Sheet Vinyl: Wood-look visuals mimic professional hardwood sports surfaces; closed-cell foam backing creates a spring-like effect to reduce fatigue; absorbs sound; FlorSept™ adds antimicrobial properties. 6′ rolls (approx 40′)

Shaw rexcourt hard surface flooring

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) & Plank (LVP)

Shaw’s hard surface LVT and LVP is finished with the ExoGuard™ Quartz-Enhanced Urethane finish creating a barrier against dirt, scuffs and stains.

  • Jeogori: Woven visual; tile format 18″x18″.
  • Crete: Concrete and vintage leather visuals; tile format 18″x18″.
  • Uncommon Ground: Wood-inspired visuals; 24 colors; 4″ and 6″x36″ plank.
  • Quiet Cover: Wood-look floating vinyl plank; 72% recycled content; In*Step tongue and groove installation; 7″x48″ plank.
  • Native Origins: Wood-look vinyl plank; 12 mil wear layer; 72% recycled content; 6″x48″ plank.

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