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Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a commercial favorite for many reasons. In addition to its attractive price point, VCT is relatively easy to install and is very durable. A great choice for high traffic areas. Maintenance on a VCT floor is standard but important and includes damp mopping and waxing on a regular basis.VCT tile is generally composed of vinyl resin, plasticizers, stabilizers, processing aids, fillers and pigments. Limestone, an abundant natural resource, can contribute to as much as

85% of VCT’s content. With this content, you may be eligible for Leed credits.

Many manufacturers produce a true through-pattern product which means the color is consistent from top to bottom. This attribute makes it great for floors which may incur minor scratches and abrasions.

Typically, customers think of VCT as what they may see at a local grocery or department store. Colors and pattern choices have come a long way through the years and now you have many choices to create an eye-catching, long-lasting floor. In addition, applications can include cutting in logos and other design elements to further enhance your floor.

Continental Flooring Company is pleased to offer vinyl composition tile (VCT) from many manufacturers as indicated below. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next flooring project with you whether it is for VCT or any other flooring product. For additional product options, please visit our Products page, contact one of our Sales Representatives at 800-825-1221, or email us at

Vinyl Composition Tile Choices Include:

ArtEffects, Standard Excelon Imperial™ Texture, MultiColor™, Rave™

Cortina Colors®, Cortina Classics®, StoneGlow®, Granite™, Granite™ SR, Thru-Quartz, Solids & Feature Strips

Alternatives®, Choices®, CX Series™, Selections®, Special Effects®

Designer Essentials®, Essentials

Expressions Detail and Feature Strip, Stone Works, True Step

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