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As a nationwide government flooring contractor, our goal is to make access to contracted flooring installation services easy for our customers. Our experienced installation crews routinely complete projects in various states across the country, but there are times when teaming with local flooring dealers makes sense for our government customers. Currently, we have extended agreements under our TXMAS and State of Ohio contracts. Below is a listing of current dealers.

Contract Authorized Flooring Dealer
State of Ohio Interfinish LLC
State of Ohio Spectra Commercial Flooring
State of Ohio AIC Contracting Inc.
State of Ohio Floor Systems & Design
State of Texas (TXMAS) MEK Interiors & Floors Inc.
State of Texas (TXMAS) Texan Floor Services Ltd.
State of Texas (TXMAS) Intex Flooring LLC
State of Texas (TXMAS) Rockford Business Interiors aka McCoy-Rockford Inc

If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Flooring Installation Dealer, please contact Diane Conti at