Iowa - State and Local Contracts

1 Government Procurement Alliance (1GPA)
Flooring Products & Installation
OMNIA Partners
Commercial Floor Coverings
Allied States Cooperative Contract (ESC 19)
Armstrong Flooring, Ceiling Tile & Grid

If you don’t see your agency above, please realize we are bidding on new projects all the time. We offer competitive open market pricing to all agencies across the country…materials only or complete installation. We would also be more than happy to bid on your next upcoming requirement. For more up-to-date information or to contact us for an upcoming requirement or bid, please contact our Sales Department at 800-825-1221.

Please note many states have modified their purchasing code to allow agencies to utilize GSA or 1GPA pricing. You may want to check with your Procurement Office to see if your agency is has obtained approved for GSA or 1GPA pricing.

For federal agencies, our GSA contracts are listed below. Additional information can be found on our GSA Contracts page.

GSA Contract Holder

GSA Contract Number: GS-03F-001BA
(Formerly 47QSWA19D009U, GS-07F-0429J, and GS-27F-0034R)