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sustainable ecofriendly flooring wall ceiling products

Continental Flooring Company offers several products that meet government “green” requirements. Our ability to provide eco-friendly flooring, ceiling and wall products from all manufacturers gives you the benefit of the best available cost in recycled and environmentally friendly products.

Other recycled products Continental Flooring Company offers from many manufacturers include:

  • PET Carpet – carpet fibers recycled from soda bottles
  • Carpet Backings – reused and recycled materials
  • Carpet Cushion – 100% recycled materials
  • Ceiling Tile – recycled materials
  • Cove Base – recycled and reused materials
  • Porcelain Tile – recycled glass
  • Rubber Floor Matting & Tile – recycled materials
  • Solid Vinyl Tile – recycled and reused materials
  • And others…

For GSA Customers, please see our flyer “Buying Green on GSA Contract” for additional information or contact a Continental Flooring Company Representative. Don’t forget to check back for more ideas.

Armstrong Ceilings SUSTAIN PortfolioArmstrong Sustain Ecofriendly Program

Contributing to better spaces is easy with the Sustain Portfolio. It makes finding and specifying high performance sustainable ceiling solutions fast and easy. Just look for the SUSTAIN icon! Included in the SUSTAIN Portfolio is LYRA Plant Based Ceiling Tile. This tile is made of 71% recycled content, controls acoustics and creates a monolithic look with a smooth, drywall-like visual. Click here for more information and options.

Previously Featured Products

Tandus Centiva ethos® Backing

The ethos backing made of broken windshields brought to you by Tandus Centiva is a new soft surface flooring solution made from safe materials that provide a positive environmental impact. The PVB film in windshields and safety glass creates a sustainable solution to traditional carpet backing polymers. This backing is PVC free and Cradle to Cradle Certified. Click here for more information.

Mats Inc. Purline Bio-Based Flooring

Purline is an entirely new class of flooring produced with natural raw materials such as canola oil, castor oik and chalk. The ingredients are molecularly transformed to create extremely dense Mats Inc. Purline Bio-Based Flooringpolyurethane and a tenaciously durable, nonporous floor covering. This product is Greenguard Certified – able to endure the extreme demands of healthcare and public buildings produced with bio-polyurethane. Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver and said to be 5x more durable than vinyl flooring products.

Wear resistant surface and the simplest of maintenance requirements that involves no finishing, waxing, buffing or stripping. Click here for more information.

Roppe Rop-Cord Recycled Rubber Tile

roppe ropcord eco friendly flooringRoppe’s Rop-Cord Recycled Rubber Tile provides a tough, Eco-friendly, indoor or outdoor flooring solution. Rop-Cord Tile is made with 90% post-consumer tire waste and contributes to the LEED Green Building Certification System. Durable rubber 12” x 12” tiles are American made and meet NSF332 Gold and CHPS criteria. Along with a manufactured built-in anti-slip feature, Rop-Cord creates a practical, Mother Nature approved recycled rubber tile.

Click to view Roppe’s IMPACT green product initiatives program.

Continental Carpet Collection & Shaw

Wcfc eco friendly flooring shaw carpet phoenixe partner with Shaw in offering a variety of sustainable carpet and carpet tiles. With the options of three high performance EcoWorx backings to meet your every need, these backings can be recycled, contribute LEED credits, low VOCs and weigh 40% less than traditional carpets for a more efficient transport and installation. Shaw’s Eco Solution Q Nylon, used in 90% of their products, is manufactured with recyclable Type 6 Nylon designed to sustain and offer ultimate performance. With the highest tensile strength in the market and an innovative recycling process, it completes the sustainable circle. Learn more about Shaw’s Cradle to Cradle Certified eco-friendly offerings and our partnered broadloom and modular carpet tile offerings.

Dinoflex Recycled Rubber Flooring

Ddinoflex recycled rubber eco friendly flooringinoflex recycled rubber flooring provides the ultimate sustainable flooring option that is more than just a sport floor. Up to 90% of Dinoflex flooring consists of recycled, post-consumer tire rubber; Dinomat options are a 100% recycled rubber flooring. Also, interlocking tile options are a great way to easily replace 1 tile, use little to no adhesives and reverse sides to reuse. Dinoflex’s floorScore certified and long lasting rubber floors are designed to outlive traditional hard surface flooring. With all the steps in reduce, reuse and recycle Dinoflex is taking strides in the sustainable movement.

Kinetex Textile Composite Wall Base

kinetex textile composite base flooringKinetex wall base is an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring. As a unique, peel and stick, straight base alternative to hard-surface products, Kinetex encompasses an unprecedented range of performance attributes. In addition to its human centered qualities and highly functional design, Kinetex offers a reduced environmental footprint compared to traditional hard-surface options. With a minimum of 50-percent recycled content, products are NSF/ANSI 140 Platinum certified and 100-percent closed-loop recyclable at the end of its long life. Pairs with select Kinetex Textile composite flooring selections.

Resources & Sustainability

eoc friendly flooring resources

Continental Flooring Company’s manufactures are saving resources and reducing waste by offering green flooring products and programs. With recycled content, pre and post-consumer materials and product take-back programs, our partnered manufacturers have taken the steps for a more sustainable and Eco-friendly floor and more product variety. Our top manufacturers offer acoustical ceiling tiles with LEED credits—like Calla —and 100% recycled made rubber flooring —like Ecore Ultratiles. Find all our manufacturers environmentally conscious programs here: Armstrong Ceilings, Dal-Tile, Shaw and Ecore.

RC Musson Rubber

musson recycled rubber sport floorRC Musson rubber sport flooring and matting offer up to 95% post-consumer, recycled rubber designed flooring options like their physical fitness mat that withstands heavy activity and facility needs. RC Musson’s recycled rubber and durable sport rolled and interlocking tiles add a dash of color to your sustainable flooring needs with 10% or 20% fleck of color or 90% background color. Adhesive free interlocking tiles and free standing mats lie flat without adhesives. Slip and impact resistant environmentally friendly sport flooring is ideal for your exercise, weightlifting and community center spaces.

Armstrong Flooring

armstrong natural creationsNothing keeps your flooring’s life cycle alive more than Armstrong Flooring’s On&On™ Floor Recycling Program. Armstrong’s commitment to a more sustainable flooring solution allows your facility to recycle its old floors. Whether you have Armstrong or a competitor’s flooring, Armstrong will reclaim acceptable products — including Raffia, Chromaspin, Feature Tile & Strips Standard Excelon, Natural Creations ArborArt, LVT, VCT and more. Save money on waste disposal, be sustainable and be environmentally friendly by conserving natural resources. “Over 20 million pounds of post consumer flooring has been recycled through Armstrong Flooring On&On™ Floor Recycling program since 2009, representing 10,000 tons of diverted landfill material.” To find out if your flooring is recyclable on Armstrong Flooring’s sustainability program click here.

Armstrong Ceilings

Armstrong CallaArmstrong commercial ceilings, vinyl or scrim-faced mineral fiber panels offer recycled options for an Eco-friendly installation project. Mineral fiber ceilings, like Calla, are 100% recyclable with the highest level of post-consumer recycled content. Calla ceilings deliver significant energy savings with a high light reflective surface and up to 77% recycled content. USDA certified bio-based products boasts excellent sound absorption with high NRC and CAC ratings. As the first manufacturer to offer a closed-loop recycling program, Armstrong has saved over 550,000 tons of material. The Ceiling-2-Ceiling recycling program reduces and reuses your old ceiling tiles. To learn more about sustainable options with Armstrong click here.

Continental LVT Collection

ironwood2cfc ecofriendly luxury vinyl tile Ironwood lvtContinental Flooring Company partners with Shaw to bring you a luxury vinyl tile made from 72% recycled content. Ironwood LVT comes in various levels of embossed texturing and color selections for a realistic wood visual. Our luxury vinyl tile with In*Step Locking System offers a tongue & groove, floating floor installation. This quick installation process eliminates the need for added chemical adhesives and provides a flooring that can be walked on immediately after installation with no downtime. See our selection.

Johnsonite IQ Granit Sheet FlooringJohnsonite IQ™

All Johnsonite IQ™ products, like IQ™ Granite Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring, are made with up to 25% pre-consumer recycled material. These IQ™ sheet and tile products provide solutions for special applications such as conductive, anti-static or acoustical requirements. FloorScore™ certified floors offer a low maintenance solution with no waxes or polishes. Also, Johnsonite’s flooring is part of the ReStart® Reclamation Program that allows installers to send back unused or cut material and your facilities’ samples for recycling and reuse. Learn more.

Green Flooring Partners

green flooring optionsWith the trending need for green technologies, our partnered manufacturers have taken the steps for a more environmentally friendly floor and more product variety. Sustainable programs offer LEED contributing, FloorScore certified, durable products without compromising color selection and performance. Their selection of waste reducing, recycled, pre and post-consumer materials and product take-back programs are leading the industry. Find all our manufacturer’s environmentally conscious programs here: Armstrong, Crossville, Flexco and Roppe.

Gerflor Mipolam Symbioz

Gerflor Mipolam Symbioz 1As a part of Gerflor’s sustainable development policy, Mipolam Symbioz is manufactured in the first floor covering plant awarded with triple certification for quality, environment and safety. The palette of 26 natural colors are made with 75% sustainable or renewable raw materials, including a 100% bio-based plasticizer. The Eco-responsible flooring is FloorScore certified with Evercare™, a patented surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking to offer the best chemical resistance to the main products used in healthcare. Low maintenance flooring avoids applying any acrylic throughout the lifetime and provides excellent resistance in high traffic areas.

ECORE’s Polyflor Forest rx®

Polyflor Forest RX HC eco friendly flooringEcore has been engineering new ways to reuse scrap tires and reduce landfills to create durable, functional flooring for over 20 years. Partnering with Polyflor, they offer a noise reducing solution with the strength and aesthetics of vinyl joined with the environmental and acoustical properties of recycled rubber. Using itstru technology developed by Ecore, Forest rx combined with a 5mm recycled rubber backing, eliminating the need for a separate underlayment. The sustainable flooring provides improved ergonomics and reduces fall impact by 16.9% for the ultimate solution in healthcare.

Flexco® FlexTuft®

Flexco Flextuft Sport eco friendly FlooringWith FlexTuft® rubber tile, the most challenging indoor and outdoor settings become a renewable, green showpiece. The durable, American made floor tiles are manufactured with 90% recycled tires to withstand repeated water dousing, high foot traffic, exercise impact and stairways. Create customized installation patterns that fit your space using Flextuft sustainable, modular tiles. As active participants in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, your space can be green and tough.

Armstrong Wall Panels

WoodWorks® Armstrong WoodWorks Ceiling Panelwall panels provide 100% biobased content in a variety of standard woods, stains, panel sizes and perforations options. Armstrong’s Natural FSC® certified wood products represent responsible production and consumption practices from the forest to consumer. Acoustical wall panels can also help contribute to LEED® credits and high recycled content – up to 86%. Install panels horizontal or vertical and coordinate with WoodWorks® ceilings to create ceiling-to-wall transitions. Learn more >>

Continental Carpet Collection

Continental Carpet Collection Mesa room sceneAt Continental Flooring Company, we understand the increasing need for sustainable efforts. Teaming with Shaw and Mannington we offer a variety of carpet selections that are TARR heavy / severe and NSF 140 certified made with environmental consciousness. Shaw’s reclamation and recycling program reutilizes more than 100 million pounds of carpet annually. Their EcoSolution Q is a premium branded commercial carpet fiber used in more than 90% of Shaw Contract Group products. Eco Solution Q is manufactured with recyclable Type 6 Nylon and is used in all of their Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver carpet products: the ultimate blend of aesthetics and performance. Mannington’s LOOP reclamation program takes back post-consumer carpet from any manufacturer, reutilizing it into Infinity® RE backing and BioSpec® RE homogenous sheet. See our options >>

Everlast Sports Flooring

Everlast Ultratile eco friendly flooring

Ecore’s Everlast Sports Flooring combines the benefits of low-VOC emissions, high-recycled content and LEED credits with durable flooring that last. Using more than 75 million pounds of recycled scrap-tire rubber each year, Everlast Sports Flooring is offering superior impact absorption and excellent slip resistance. Options include rolled goods, square tiles and interlocking tiles for seamless installation options. American made, sustainable flooring choices, like UltraTile modular 2’x2’x1” tiles, can be placed over existing flooring for faster, adhesive free installations, economical renovations and less scrap. A unique, material saving, environmentally friendly dowel rod fastening system gives you the ability to quickly move or replace tiles for a longer lasting flooring.

Armstrong Ceiling & Grid Systems

Armstrong Ultima Open Plan Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong commercial ceilings has sustainability looking up! As the first manufacturer to offer a closed-loop recycling program, Armstrong has saved over 550,000 tons of material. The Ceiling-2-Ceiling recycling program reduces and reuses your old ceiling tiles. All vinyl or scrim-faced mineral fiber panels offer recycled options for an Eco-friendly installation project. Mineral fiber ceilings are 100% recyclable with the highest level of post-consumer recycled content. Also, fiberglass ceilings deliver significant energy savings with high light reflective surface and 75% recycled content with plant-based binding options for certified low VOC emissions. Either way you look, Armstrong’s environmentally friendly ceiling tiles are simplifying waste management and enhancing indoor environmental quality with acoustics. To learn more about sustainable options with Armstrong click here.

Crossville’s Recycled Tile

crossville recycled eco friendly flooring

The first manufacturer to earn Green Squared® certification—highest sustainability standard in the ceramic industry—Crossville® offers products made with up to 40% pre-consumer recycled content. Their Tile Take-Back™ program lead to the first net consumer tile waste in which case Crossville® now recycles more tile than they produce for an economically green product. Partnering with TOTO USA®, the program reuses powders of both pre and post-consumer porcelain tile, pre-consumer porcelain toilets and other reusable sources to create their inventive styles. The latest sustainable solution—Hydrotect™—is an invisible, permanent ceramic tile coating that works with the environment, creating a self-cleaning, antibacterial, air-purifying surface that reduces maintenance while promoting healthier environments. From the manufacturing process of tiles to a surface coating that is cleaner, greener and smarter, Crossville is adding a splash of color to your renovation needs.

NEW Armstrong LinoArt™

Armstrong LinoArt Sustainable flooring

Armstrong LinoArt™ Linoleum tile and sheet, the newest collection from Armstrong Flooring, offers over 100+ colors in 6 stylish collections: Granette™ (tile & sheet), Rhythmics™, Linorette™, Marmorette™ and Colorette™. The newest additions of Granette™ tile and Rhythmics™ sheet offer a combination of sustainable modular tile and contemporary striated visuals. FloorScore certified Granette™ modular tiles are made with 35% pre-consumer recycled content and 94% biobased content to contribute LEED credits. Rhythmics™ sheet linoleum’s contemporary linear designs exceed eco-friendly efforts with 100% biobased content and 36% rapidly renewable content for a low emitting product that is NSF/ANSI 332 Gold level certified. All LinoArt™ flooring come with New NATURCote™ II high performance coating for low maintenance and protection against stains, dirt and grime.

Dinoflex Recycled Rubber Flooring

Dinoflex Recycled Rubber Sustinable Flooring

Dinoflex’s innovative recycled rubber flooring consists of up to 90% post-consumer tire rubber that outlasts traditional commercial flooring for incomparable durability. Virtually maintenance free, Dinoflex flooring offers multiple eco-friendly flooring solutions. Choose from interlocking, loose lay or glue down square tiles like Stride Fitness Tiles and Sport Mat Flooring and full rolls for a seamless aesthetic –Dinomat and more. Flooring options contribute FloorScore, Collaborative for High Performance Schools and LEED credits among many other sustainable benefits. Dinoflex’s promise as an original member of the US Green Building Council delivers long lasting, impact resistant sustainable flooring.

Roppe’s IMPACT Recycling Program

Roppe eco friendly flooringRoppe has been a leader in green product initiatives combining aesthetics and sustainability as a standard in 23 product brands. Roppe’s IMPACT Recycling program encourages building professionals to Rethink + Reuse + Recycle = Responsibility. Choose from AlphaBase, Rubber Corner Blocks, Dimensions Rubber Tile, Smooth and Marbleized Rubber Tile, Fiesta Rubber Tile and Tread, Designer’s Choice Rubber Tile and more. Along with sustainable products, Roppe works to reduce, reuse and recycle your old floors. Pinnacle Rubber base, Dimensions Rubber Tile, Raised Design Rubber Tile and Tread, Recoil Fitness Flooring, Tuflex Recycled Rubber Tile and more are all viable options part of Roppe’s recycling ingenuity to provide a cost-effective rubber mulch used in landscapes, playgrounds and athletic fields.

Kinetex Textile Composite Flooring

J&J Kinetex Composite FlooringKinetex is an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring. Created as a unique floor-covering alternative to hard-surface products, Kinetex encompasses an unprecedented range of performance attributes for corporate, retail, healthcare, education and institutional environments. In addition to its human centered qualities and highly functional design, Kinetex offers a reduced environmental footprint compared to traditional hard-surface options. With a minimum of 50-percent recycled content, products are NSF/ANSI 140 Platinum certified and 100-percent closed-loop recyclable at the end of its long life: providing sustainability at its finest.

Daltile Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

Daltile Colour Scheme Sustainable Ceramic & Porcelain TileMore than 98% of Daltile’s manufactured products contain pre-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials helping to prevent over 200 million pounds of solid wastes from ending up in landfills. Daltile offers a tremendous variety of products that can help you construct or remodel in an environmentally responsible manner. With FloorScore certified products and LEED Credit contributing options like Colour Scheme and Continental Slate, renovation products help achieve your green thumb.


Flexco Natural Elements Wood & Stone Vinyl Tile

Flexco Stone & Wood Sustainable Vinyl TileFlexco offers an assorted collection of sustainable flooring manufactured with 72% recycled content. The NEW addition of Natural Elements Wood and Stone Vinyl Tile delivers durability and scratch resistance for an economical flooring solution. Product lines contribute to LEED credits and are FloorScore certified to comply with indoor air quality requirements. Ask about the Eniroflex program where post-industrial and post-consumer waste, recycled substance and renewable resources collide to create eco-friendly products.

Armstrong’s Soundsoak® Acoustical Wall Panels
Woodworks® Ekos®

armstrong woodwork sekos wall panelsWoodWorks® Ekos® panels utilize a real wood veneer over a mineral fiber substrate to create a lightweight, affordable product. Acoustical perforated panels provide excellent sound absorption. Ekos panels can also help contribute to LEED® credits with no-added formaldehyde, no detectable formaldehyde emissions and high recycled content – up to 67%. A variety of decorative wood and aluminum accessories complete the system.

Armstrong’s Striations BioBased Tile

armstrong striations biobased tileStriations BBT delivers stylish, linear visuals in a non-PVC floor tile. A greener choice with performance features superior to ordinary VCT. Contains BioStride polymer which is made from rapidly renewable US-grown plant materials – 85% limestone and 10% pre-consumer recycled content.

Currently using VCT? You may be interested in Armstrong’s VCT Recycling Program striving for cradle-to-cradle products to help reduce environmental impact.

Ecore’s ECOsurfaces Rubber Flooring

ecore ecosurfaces rubber flooringECOsurfaces manufactured by Ecore offers a diverse portfolio of rubber flooring. Products are comprised of post-consumer tire rubber and ColorMill EPDM bound together in a specialized process that requires minimal water, avoids heat, and reuses in-line scrap to decrease waste. FloorScore certified to comply with indoor air quality requirements. Ask about the Redeux Take-Back Program where materials may be recycled to assist in future manufacturing.

Centiva’s Stria Floor Tile

Stria centriva eco friendly flooringStria tile is offered under Centiva’s Victory product line and is manufactured with a unique process resulting in tiles with distinctive variations. Produced with metallic pigments, you’ll love the product’s design possibilities. In addition to being 100% recyclable, Stria is manufactured with up to 47% pre-consumer recycled content. Final benefit…it’s Made in America.

Armstrong Ceiling Systems

ultima armstrong ecofriendly ceilingAs a proven leader in the industry, Armstrong offers a broad portfolio of products containing up to 82% recycled content. In addition, Armstrong suspension systems contain 30% recycled content – the highest in the industry. Did you know Armstrong has recycled more than 60 million sq. ft. of old ceiling material since 1999? Now that’s impressive. We are proud to offer the complete line of Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Systems.

Tuflex Recycled Rubber Tile from Roppe

tuflex recycled rubber tile roppeTuflex rubber floor tiles for sports and commercial applications have been proven in the industry since 1957. Tuflex tiles are manufactured with a patented vulcanization process and contains 99% recycled content which may contribute to LEED credits.

Continental Flooring Company Carpets by Shaw

cfc eco friendly carpet by shawWe offer a variety of carpet and carpet tile utilizing Shaw’s Eco Solution Q® nylons (25% recycled content and Shaw’s Ecoworx® backings are 100% sustainable, non-PVC). For even more benefits, these products can become carpet again once they are removed. Shaw has the first Cradle-to-Cradle products whereby both the nylon and backings can be recycled to create even more carpet.

Armstrong’s Migrations Floor Tile

armstrong migrations eco flooring flooringArmstrong’s Biobased Tile™ contains their patent-pending BioStride™ polymer which is made with rapidly renewable ingredients that help reduce the reliance on petroleum and fossil fuels. 10% pre-consumer recycled content and FloorScore certification help BBT contribute to or qualify for multiple LEED credits – all with the classic good looks of composition tile.

Crossville’s EcoCycle Porcelain Tile

crossville ecocycle ecofriendly flooring grand canyon floor tileCrossville’s EcoCycle Porcelain Tile offers an option for new buildings or major renovations seeking LEED certification. EcoCycle products are third-party certified to consist of at least 40% pre-consumer recycled ceramic content. Additionally, it is extremely cost-effective for stone look porcelain. Slip resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for all types of commercial and residential applications.