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Ceilings & Grid Systems

Continental Flooring is pleased to offer a variety of commercial ceiling tiles and suspensions systems with a wide range of materials and appearances, simplifying the search process for the perfect product for your facility. Consider the following attributes when choosing a ceiling tile:


The ceiling pane is one of the largest surfaces for integration of absorptive materials to offset the noise created by additional hard surfaces or layout changes. Ceilings that can absorb and block sound will be able to do acoustical “heavy lifting” compared to other surfaces. Finding an ideal combination of sound absorption (NRC – reduces noise) and sound blocking (CAC – keeps sound from traveling into adjacent spaces) will help create solutions for many types of spaces.


Having commercial ceiling tiles that are cleanable is critical to maintaining a sanitary space. While maintenance guidelines generally do not include ceiling cleaning, dust, dirt, grime and other contaminants often accumulate over time. There are specific panels available for each area in your facility to maintain cleanliness. Ceiling panes marked as “washable” are able to withstand washing without compromising the panel finish integrity. Water repellency is also a factor in washable tiles due to needing some type of liquid to perform the disinfecting and cleaning.

Scratch, Impact & Soil Resistance

– Scratch resistant ceilings are important in areas where the lay-in panels are removed frequently to get above them. Choosing a panel that resist scratches will save you in lifetime costs.

– Impact resistant ceilings are most important in gymnasiums or educational facilities where the ceilings need to withstand occasional abuse such as surface impact.

– Soil resistant ceilings maintain their appearance, acoustics and light reflectance. When a panel is soiled, it not only detracts from a ceiling’s appearance but it can be costly to require painting or replacement of the ceiling.

Light Reflectance

Ceiling panels with a high light reflectance create brighter spaces with less indirect lighting and reduced energy consumption. They also improve overall lighting uniformity, returning up to 90% of light back into the space compared to 75% with standard ceilings panels.

For more information about ceiling panels and their attributes, contact us today to speak to one of our ceiling experts!