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Frequently Asked Questions


Continental Flooring is happy to answer your most frequently asked questions so you can better understand who we are are and what we do.

General Questions

What kind of products and services does Continental Flooring provide?

Continental Flooring offers floor coverings, ceiling systems and acoustical wall panels.

We provide material orders as well as full-service flooring installation for our product lines.

Our customers include Military Installations, Public Housing, Educational Institutions, U.S. State Department, Veterans Administration Hospitals, Correctional Institutions and other federal or state governmental agencies.

Materials or full-service flooring installs can be requested here.

Our sales reps are available M-F to answer any questions you may have

Toll Free: 800-825-1221


For your home remodeling projects, we suggest contacting your local home improvement store or going to to learn more about flooring options.

Where do you offer your services?

We offer materials and flooring installations nationwide! Continental Flooring offers a logistical advantage for projects all over the world. From sea to shining sea, we provide government agency options for every project.

Our local Arizona Division is focused on the public sector and commercial audience.

How can you offer competitive pricing when you’re in AZ? I don’t want to pay to ship from Arizona!

Our long term relationships with multiple manufacturers means we can offer Mill-Direct pricing to our customers. We ship all items directly from the manufacturer to your facility.

Who do you partner with?

We work with big name manufacturers such as Shaw, Mohawk, Flexco, Daltile, Armstrong, and many more!

You can find our full list of manufacturers here.

Do you have a room visualization tool?

Because we work with multiple manufacturers and products, we are unable to offer a room visualization tool. We are still happy to help you find the products you need for your government project and once we have selected a manufacturer, we can direct you to their online tools.

How do I find contact information for my Continental sales representative?

Click here to visit our Contact Us page.

Where can I find out about Employment Opportunities with Continental Flooring?

If you are a commercial flooring installer or are looking for employment in our corporate office, click here to visit our employment page.

What if I can’t find an answer to my question?

Contact us! We are always happy to help with any inquiry you may have.

Product Questions

How can I place an order?

You can order materials directly from our online store or request a quote here. Don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

If you already have a purchase order, please send it to us through email or fax.

I’m not sure what product I need. Can you help me?

Yes! Our government flooring and ceiling experts have many years of combined experience and are here to help you! Feel free to call or email.

How do I know if a product I want is still available? What if the products I need are discontinued?

Give us a call, send us an email, or live chat with us. We’ll be happy to help you find the product you need or recommend a replacement if it can’t be found.

How can I find products on your site?

Our product offerings can be found here.

Where can I find sustainability information about your products?

We are continually updating our environmentally friendly options. Click here to learn more!

How do I order a product sample?

Offering free samples is one of the services we are able to provide to our Government or public sector customers. Contact us by phone, email or live chat to order your sample.

Can I ask for an online estimate or quotation?
Yes, click here to Request a Quote. Or, feel free to email or live chat with us for assistance.

Where can I find warranties, maintenance and other technical information?
We are happy to provide you with any technical information you require for your government flooring or ceiling projects. Information is available upon request.

Where can I find MSDS sheets?
Many of the most popular MSDS sheets can be found here.

Utilizing Contracts

Continental Flooring Cooperative Contracts

Do you have any purchasing co-op contracts or piggyback options we can use to order our flooring or ceiling products and services?

In addition to GSA, we have numerous local and national cooperative contracts for Non-Federal agencies. These contracts include OMNIA Partners, CMAS, 1GPA, and others. There are many easy ways to procure your materials and flooring installation services from Continental Flooring! Click here to see what contracts are offered in your state.

Are your products available on GSA Advantage?
Yes, contracted products are available on GSA Advantage. For assistance navigating GSA Advantage click here. Or, our sales representatives would be happy to assist you. To learn more about what products are available on GSA, please visit our GSA Contracts page.

Are shipping costs included in your GSA Contract quote (or prices)?
Because products are offered from various manufacturers around the country, most items require a freight estimate, so it varies. We will look for the most affordable option. When applicable, a sales representative will include a freight estimate during the quote process – please be sure to let us know the zip code for the delivered products.

We hope you have a basic understanding of who we are and what we do. Please feel free to contact us for product advice, free samples, assistance in specifications, or to place an order. We welcome contract purchases, formal bids, RFQs or Open Market requirements. One call will do it all!

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For additional questions, please feel free to contact us today!

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