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Armstrong Contract Flooring

armstrong commercial flooring

Continental Flooring Company proudly offers Armstrong Flooring products on contract and open market. We offer our customers competitive pricing and mill direct service nationwide. Materials only or complete installation services available.

Armstrong Flooring products include traditional and loose-lay sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT), vinyl composition tile (VCT), bio-based tile (BBT), laminate and wood flooring. We offer customers competitive pricing and mill direct service on a nationwide basis – materials only or complete flooring installation services.

Government customers can also purchase Armstrong Flooring on GSA Contract No. GS-27F-0034R or on one of our state or term supply contracts. Visit our “Contracts” link for additional information. To compliment your facility projects, we also offer Armstrong Ceiling products and Soundsoak® Acoustical Wall Panels.

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Commercial Flooring Products

Luxury Solid Vinyl and Plank / LVT
With durable and long lasting performance, Armstrong’s LVT is the perfect choice when choosing a floor for an area with heavy foot and rolling load traffic. LVT has modular flexibility and large format shapes and sizes. Not to mention it is easy to maintain and easy to install! Click here for a video on how to install LVT.

  • Parallel USA 20 features sophisticated fabric designs in subtle neutral tones, an array of wood species and stone-inspired wood plank. Urethane Plus coating to provide enhanced resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs. 20 mil; Made in USA.
  • Parallel USA 12 features sophisticated fabric designs in subtle neutral tones, an array of wood species and stone-inspired wood plank. Urethane Plus coating to provide enhanced resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs. (Light Commercial) 12 mil; Made in USA.
  • Unleashed LVT offers the ultimate flexibility with an easy transition to carpet. Classic oak plank and concrete visuals. Can be installed glue-down or looselay. Low-maintenance no polish, no buff finish to resist scratches, stains and scuffs. 20-mil. 
  • American Personality offers hickory, oak and walnut planks. Made to resist scratches, stains and scuffs. (Light Commercial) 12 mil. Made in USA.
  • American Charm 6 – Ideal for property management applications. Wood visuals. 2.0 mm structure with a 6 mil wear layer. Made in USA.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile with Diamond 10 Technology ®
    Diamond 10 Technology® provides the ultimate test in durability with a cultured diamond top coating. The brilliant properties of diamonds bring the highest scratch, stain and scuff resistance in the industry. Diamond 10 Technology® is proven to keep your floors looking new longer – beautiful for years to come. 
    • Natural Creations offers traditional wood, stone and textile inspired visuals. 3.2 mm. Made in USA. 
    • Biome emphasizes the luxury of wood patterns. 2.5 mm. Made in USA.
    • Coalesce designs are inspired by textiles and mosaics. 2.5 mm. Made in USA.
    • Duo pairs easy neutrals and a rainbow of color. 2.5 mm. Made in USA.
    • Exchange offers soft pastels and rich, saturated tones to complement visual texture. 2.5 mm. Made in USA.
    • Terra visuals show the raw beauty of natural stone. 2.5 mm. Made in USA.
    • Theorem offers a carefully curated palette of colors and patterns. 2.5 mm. Made in USA.
    • Unbound LVT– offers easy an, intentional color palette in textile, concrete and wood visuals. Can be installed quickly with a looselay method.  5.0 mm.

Learn more about Diamond 10 Technology® here. Below are examples of scratch resistance from comparable products.

armstrong flooring diamond 10 technology

*Each product was scratched using an abrasive pad under a 12.5lb load for 20 passes.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
VCT is made with durable construction ensuring lasting beauty in high-traffic areas, making it a budget-friendly value with a great performance history. Visuals with flowing linear patterns, organic looks and densely patterned earth tones make for plenty of design options for your facility.

Armstrong Flooring has purchased the Mannington VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) product line and is pleased to work with you to match or crossover your Mannington visuals. Armstrong will continue to offer its complete product line, but will enhance the color line and visuals by incorporating Mannington Essentials and Mannington Progressions visual.

Standard Excelon® Imperial® Texture, Standard Excelon® MultiColor™, Excelon® Feature Tile & Strips, Excelon® Companion Square®,

Excelon® Stonetex®, Raffia™, ChromoSpin™ and Crown Texture™

Click here to see the Crossover Reference Chart.


Rigid Core Flooring

Typically comprised of a solid polymer core, these products feature ease of installation, superior indent resistance, acoustic benefits and authentic designs.

  • Rigid Core Vantage offers dramatic designs with high plank-to-plank variation. 6.0 mm structure with solid polymer core and 20 mil wear layer stands up to both dents and scratches.
  • Rigid Core Essentials is engineered for property management applications. Ten distinct visuals in a 5.0 mm structure and 12 mil wear layer. 

BioBased® Flooring (BBT)
Go Green! With its low carbon footprint, Armstrong’s Eco-Friendly flooring is a top alternative to PVC flooring. It is made with rapidly renewable material and US grown plant ingredients. Migrations® and Striations® offer wood and stone-inspired visuals and are available in a 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″ format for added design.

Vinyl Sheet 
Delivering a combination of sophisticated design and superior long lasting performance for a wide array of commercial environments. Installed with a high performance coating that resists soil, stains, scuffs and abrasions. Homogeneous options include MedinPure PVC-Free Sheet, Medintech, Medintone and Accolade Plus. Heterogeneous choices are Rejuvenations Restore, Rejuvenations with Diamond 10 Technology, Rejuvenations Classics, Corlon and Abode. You are sure to find colors and performance to meet your most demanding project requirements. 

  • Types of sheet vinyl:
    • Heterogeneous: Multiple layers of flooring, comes in a wide variety of colors and styles for many design possibilities.
    • Homogeneous: Made of a single layer of flooring, offers vibrancy and depth of that single color.

Wall Base, Accessories & Specialty Flooring

  • Slip Retardant – Choose from Safety Zone Sheet with enhanced traction or Safety Zone Tile with its embossed surface embedded with proprietary particles.
  • Static Control Flooring – single source for your ESD flooring needs – exclusive 4-part system includes tile, copper grounding strips, adhesive and polish.
  • Color-Integrated Rubber Wall Base, Color-Integrated Welding Rods, Adhesives and Floor Polishes, Cleaners, and Floor Sealers.
  • Stair treads made with thermoplastic rubber and landing tiles made with a durable vinyl formulation. 

Armstrong also manufacturers IMO Certified Flooring for your more specific flooring requirements. Many Armstrong products are offered with low VOC emissions, third-party FloorScore™ certification and LEED® eligibility. Please contact us for additional specification information or to assist with your next flooring renovation. 

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