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Shipboard Deck Coverings Now Available


Continental Flooring Company is pleased to offer a complete line of flooring and deck coverings meeting several USCG and Naval specifications. Many of the products offered are available on our GSA Contracts. In addition to our Contracts, we team with other GSA manufacturers and can offer products at open market pricing from any manufacturer. One Call, One PO!

Materials Only or Complete Installation Services


marine wool carpet



FED SPEC DDD-C-95 Type II, Class 1, 2 & 4

b-Spec: USCG SFLC Standard Spec 6341, Appendix E
Products: Marine wool carpet

Flexco Floors IMOFlexco Rubber Tile

Products: Radial, Radial II, Radial III, Weave, Square and SpexTones
Quick Spec
GSA Contract No. 47QSWA19D009U

Armstrong Connection CorlonArmstrong Sheet

Products: Connection Corlon Sheet Vinyl

IMO Resolution MSC 61(67) Annex 1 part 5 and Annex 2
IMO Resolution MSC 61(67) Annex 1 Part 2 and Annex 2
ASTM F1303, Type II, Grade 1 Class A Backing

GSA Contract No. 47QSWA19D009U

Lonseal “Lonmat UV”

Spec: MIL-DTL-15562F, Type I


Spec Sheet

Switchboard Matting & Dielectric Insulating Sheet

a-Spec: MIL-DTL-15562G, Type 1, Type II & Type III
Call for availability.
b-Spec: USCG SFLC Standard Spec 6341, Appendix D
Products: Notrax #830 & #831 (ASTM D-178)
M+A Matting #782 & #784 (MIL-DTL-15562G)
M+A Matting #781 & #783 (ASTM D-178-01)
GSA Contract No. 47QSWA19D009U

Fire Retardant Deck Tile

deck tile

a-Spec: MIL-PRF-32170, Type I, Class 1 & 2
b-Spec: USCG SFLC Standard Spec 6341, Appendix C

Armstrong vinyl tile;

Flexco & Roppe rubber flooring

GSA Contract Nos. 47QSWA19D009U &


Ceramic, Quarry & Porcelain Tile

quarry tile

a-Spec: NAVSEA Standard DOC 009-26-FY-11
b-Spec: USCG SFLC Standard Spec 6341, Appendix B
Products: Daltile “quarry tile & porcelain”, Crossville
GSA Contract No. 47QSWA19D009U

Anti-Fatigue Matting

anti-fatigue matting

a-Spec: MIL-PRF-32170
b-Spec: MIL-M-910F
Products: Notrax #556, #550 and others
GSA Contract No. 47QSWA19D009U

Grit Strip

Products: RC Musson Grit Strips / Slip Resistant Tape
GSA Contract No. 47QSWA19D009U

Our Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative, Mason Holmwood, can be reached via email at or you may call him at 410-750-2614.  You may also contact our corporate office at or 800-825-1221.  For information on other products available on our GSA Contracts, please visit our “Contracts” link.