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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

School library with colorful ceiling tile

ACOUSTIBuilt Seamless Acoustical Ceiling Tiles by Armstrong Ceilings

Noise proofing your ceilings can be just as important as your walls, and acoustic ceiling tiles can help! Acoustic ceiling tiles are created from a variety of materials and can be useful in a plethora of institutions such as schools, healthcare facilities, and offices.

Benefits of Acoustic Panels

We can take the effects of good acoustics for granted. The right combination of wall panels, flooring, and ceiling tiles can create the perfect ambience for your space. Ceiling tiles and wall panels can come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, meaning the perfect acoustical system is somewhere out there for you! Acoustical drop ceilings can help provide soundproofing in two different ways: either by absorbing sound waves, thus preventing sounds from bouncing around the room, or by blocking sound from traveling to an adjacent room. Some drop ceilings have both capabilities, while some have one or the other.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in Healthcare Facilities 

Healthcare facility with ceiling tile

Creating a safe atmosphere in healthcare has proven benefits for patients and doctors alike. For example, in healthcare facilities, sound proofing your space is important to preserve HIPPA rights and ensure confidentiality for your patients. Acoustic panels keep sound inside your room to prevent any noise from escaping to the rest of the building. It has even been proven that sound proofed rooms can lead to better patient care and recovery, as acoustic ceiling tiles can reduce noise up to 55-75%. Not only can the right ceiling tile systems create a more serene environment for your patients but can also add color and personality to your space. Ceiling tiles come in a variety of styles that can be suitable for dentists, pediatric care, hospitals, and everything in between.

You can always mix and match different panels to add character and color to your facility!

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in Schools

In the classroom, the right acoustics keep the inside of your room quiet and it can also cancel out noise from outside your classroom. Keeping inside and outside noises under control is vital to people’s focus and peace of mind. Ceiling tiles have a wide range of applications and can be used in gymnasiums, cafeterias, theaters, auditoriums, and corridors! Installing the right ceilings can go above and beyond their acoustical properties, as ceiling tiles impact air quality and student health. Acoustic ceiling tiles have properties that prevent mold and moisture, keeping your students happy and healthy. Ceiling tile systems are cost efficient and easy to maintain, which can save schools up to 40% of their utility cost.  Just like healthcare facilities, ceiling systems can be fun and bring out your school spirit with a variety of colors and styles!

Photos of school setting with acoustic ceiling tiles

How Do Acoustic Panels Work?

How does ceiling tile decrease noise in your space?

Ceiling systems block and diffuse sound, which cancels out unwanted outside noise and can disperse louder sounds within a building. Sounds will be absorbed by the panels while also limiting echoes in an area. Acoustic ceiling tiles have a Ceiling Attenuation Class, or CAC, which is a rating determined by the how effectively a ceiling system can block sound. Acoustic ceiling tiles work because of their materials, including high density mineral fiber, fiber glass, cementitious wood fiber.

Other acoustic panels have an NRC rating, also known as Noise Reduction Coefficient. The NRC Rating ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 being the total lack of sound absorption, and 1 being a complete absorption of all sounds.

(An NRC Rating is calculated by using an acoustic panel is a specific sound test room. Noise will be directed throughout the room, and certain tools will calculate how much sound is absorbed in the panels. The NRC Rating is determined after 4 tests, with the final rating being the average of all the tests.)

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