Carpet Tiles Commercial Grade

Carpet tiles are gaining ground on broadloom and is quickly bridging a gap between wall-to-wall installations and hard surface options.  Though hitting a more expensive price point, manufacturers are selling more than ever.

So, why should you consider carpet tile for your facility?



Ease of installation.

For busy offices, the simplicity of installation addresses important issues of  time and space constraints. To install broadloom, all the furniture needs to be removed, cubicles disassembled and heavy book shelves taken down. In most office settings this can be a disruptive and difficult process.  With carpet tile, it’s easy to install the tile up to and under furniture with little effort.  Plus, boxes of carpet tile are easier to maneuver than rolls of carpet in smaller settings.


Easy cleaning and care. One of the biggest advantages in high traffic areas is that carpet tiles can be removed if they are soiled, stained or damaged. Since most carpet tiles have high performance backing and are now installed with a releasable adhesive, tiles can be removed and cleaned or replaced with new tiles very easily.


Innovative design possibilities. If you’re looking to give more depth and texture to your install, carpet tile may be an option.  Broadloom is ideal for large area patterns and areas that can’t show seams, but carpet tile has come a long way in the design arena. Tiles can be installed on a quarter turn, in multiple colors to create a parquet look, offset with borders, or in random patterns.

There will be plenty of situations where broadloom is the flooring of choice, but it may be worth exploring carpet tile for one of your future installations.

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