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Carpet – TARR Ratings

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Carpet 101-Tips for Stressless Buying

TARR ratings makes selecting carpet easy. Texture Appearance Retention Rating or TARR tests a carpet’s ability to remain tufted, its original shape, after being properly installed and maintained in a commercial setting. These ratings may simplify your carpet selection process by taking the guesswork out of your carpet buying experience. Ratings are categorized as Moderate, Heavy and Severe based on their end use in a specific application. Carpets are tested in environments that mock everyday foot traffic to simulate commercial settings. The longer the carpet keeps its original, tufted shape, the higher the rating. By using this guideline, you can quickly and easily select a commercial carpet with a TARR rating ideal for your flooring project. See our selections.

Carpet Rating Categories

TARR Ratings are ranked as Moderate, Heavy and Severe. These Classifications categorize commercial carpet’s ability based on anticipated frequency and intensity of foot traffic exposure. Ratings help to identify how well a particular carpet will preform in specific application.


Examination Rooms
Areas with light foot traffic


Military Housing


Medical Facilities
Multipurpose Areas


Carpet Types

cfc commercial carpets on contractBroadloom, Carpet Tile, Woven or Tufted? Carpet selections can be confusing, but Continental Flooring Company can make buying quick and easy. With over 36 years of flooring experience, our experts can assist with all your renovation needs. Read our blog post for tips and tricks.

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