Floor and Ceiling Style – Options for a more Personalized Environment

In our homes, we have the luxury of designing our own spaces. We select flooring and design elements that makes us feel good and appeal to our sense of beauty and harmony. In today’s commercial flooring world, products and technology unite to offer numerous options to bring more personalized and customized floor design into the workplace as well. The average person will spend half of their life at work, so their environment is extremely important. Creating more visually appealing and customized spaces may help to increase productivity and creativity and have subtle effect on the on attitudes and actions. Colors and tones have a proven influence on mood and mindset, so it may also help to give this selection some weight in the decision process.

Here are few options to consider:

  • Carpet Tile/Planks – Being both aesthetically pleasing and functional, carpet tile bridges the gap between wall-to-wall installations and hard surface options, giving more depth and texture to your install. Various  manufacturers offer color accents that can be added to carpet tile and plank making for innovative design possibilities. Tiles can be installed on a quarter turn, in multiple colors to create a parquet look, offset with borders, or in random patterns.

custom pattern carpet tile

  • Laser Cut Logos – Computer-driven technology with high-pressured streams of water (ultrasonic cutting) can distinctively and precisely cut any surface, including resilient flooring, carpet, wood, and laminate.

laser cut logos

  • Trim and Wall Base – The face of any flooring project can be changed simply by choosing an enhanced trim or wall base. Trimming flooring out with a custom colored wall base can make for a dynamic look. Trim and base are also available in various heights and profiles.

trim and wall base

  • Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl Composition Tile – The color pallets and textures available are numerous. Mixing and matching can create unique designs and patterns to reflect unique spaces.

customized floor vinyl composition tile vct

  • Ceramic Mosaics – With so many colors to choose from, entry ways and wall design possibilities are limitless.

custom ceramic tile

  • Ceilings – From paintable surfaces to printing designs and information on ceiling panels, there are several options for an influential overhead look. Colorful panels can also be used to add a pop of color. In addition, various shapes like triangles and trapezoids can make for intriguing yet functional design.

creative styled ceiling tiles

  • Acoustical Walls – Functional and design driven, acoustical walls make an impact with both noise reduction and customizable elements.  With unlimited flexibility and easy installation, along with different texture and edge possibilities, acoustical walls can enhance almost any space.

customized acoustical walls

  • Logo and Message Mats – It’s easy to personalize and customize with a mat. Logo and message mats have become very popular. Custom mats allow companies to include a logo, slogan, mascot, etc. and are available in multiple colors. Logos or other designs can be replicated on the face of numerous styles of mats without any setup charge. Logo also mats add a professional look to any entrance, while acting as a further barrier to keep contaminants from entering a facility.

customized floor mats

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