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Commercial Floor Matting

Continental Flooring is proud to provide a wide selection of commercial floor matting for indoor and outdoor use. Our matting selection is available on both federal and national cooperative contracts as well as open market pricing for easy purchasing.

Although floor mats typically are purchased for a particular use, many matting products can serve dual purposes. To help you in the selection process, here are some things you should consider:

  • The location in your building where you plan on placing your mat. Such as indoor, outdoor or entryway.
  • What you need from your matting. There are different types of matting for durability, comfort, ESD, cleanliness and safety.
  • What quality do you need from your matting? Think of things such as the life-cycle, the overall thickness and the type of backing. Two main types of backing for mats are:
    • Vinyl:
      • Low foot traffic
    • Rubber:
      • Moderate to heavy foot traffic
      • Long-term durability
      • Safe performance
  • You will also want to consider the type of flooring you will be placing your mats on. Smooth floors such as tile, wood & marble will perform best with a smooth backing due to friction created between the two surfaces, eliminating movement. Carpeted floors will work best with full-cleated backing. Flooring in areas with extreme foot traffic or heavy rolling loads should consider alternative backing designed to keep mats in place in extreme conditions.
  • All mats, no matter their backing or area they are in, should be properly maintained. This includes regular cleaning to remove dirt, debris and moisture. If you are planning to store your mats, be sure they are rolled properly and never folded – especially for vinyl mats. Unlike rubber, vinyl mats will not return to their original position if they remain in a certain position for a long period of time.

Why is commercial floor matting so important? Click here to find out.

Many benefits come from having logo mats in your facility. Having your custom logo on a mat at the entrance is not only automatic advertising and brand reinforcement for your company, it is also a way to keep your customers safe by trapping debris from their shoes as they enter.


Anti-Fatigue Matting

Provides a cushioned floor for those who spend majority of their time on their feet. This promotes better health by reducing circulatory issues, foot problems, joint pain and swelling in the feet/legs.

Make a great first impression for your facility with your entrance mat. Not only will it add style and beauty, it will also keep out dirt, water and debris while traffic comes in. Having a well chosen entrance mat will reduce the amount of times carpet cleaning is necessary.

Specialty Matting

Specialty matting includes absorbent, restroom, slip-resistant and switchboard mats for any specific area in your facility. Matting products available in interlocking, tile and rolls depending on your selection.

Manufacturers offering matting include:

Continental Flooring Company welcomes the opportunity to discuss your next flooring project with you whether for rubber floor coverings or any other flooring product. 

Please feel free to contact us for product advice, free samples, assistance in specifications, or to place an order. We welcome contract purchases, formal bids, RFQs or Open Market requirements. One call will do it all!

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