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Marazzi Porcelain Tiles

Marazzi floor tile education center

Continental Flooring Company is pleased to extend Marazzi USA on open marketing pricing. Marazzi USA offers abrasive resistant ceramic, porcelain floor tiles, glass mosaics, metallic tiles and modular tile formats. Decorative tiles and trim accessories add the finishing touches to any commercial renovation project.

Marazzi’s state-of-the-art 3d printing technique uses the latest in digital print technology with the ability to print up to 360dpi to offer finer, crisper and smoother definition for print designs and a stunning palette of more than 100 square feet with no repetition, at maximum resolution.

The Porcelain Stoneware
Ranges in color differentiations—glazed porcelain, through body porcelain and color body porcelain. All offer recycled components, frost resistance, no VOCs, ease of maintenance, low life cycle costs and more. Color body porcelain tiles are created with continuous colored strains throughout the body of the tile.

Marazzi airport ceramic tileGlazed Porcelain Tile
Tile has a facial finished fused with a porcelain body for a surface color that can differ from the surface.

Through Body Porcelain
Tiles’ raw materials permeate the entire tile for uninterrupted color and pattern features. All offer recycled components, frost resistance, no VOCs, ease of maintenance, low life cycle costs and more.

Glazed Ceramic
Meets the needs of many installations at an economical cost. Tiles originate their color from the glazed top layer as the tile body can differ from the surface color. Ceramic tiles offer a sustainable, no VOC option. U.S. made flooring options to help contribute LEED credits to your facility.

Marazzi ceramic floor tile cafeDecorative Accents
A wide range of stone, metal and wood finishes in multiple sizes for the perfect finishing touches. Add a dramatic uniform, metallic, distinctive design or matte touches with surface patterns including bamboo, rectangle and criss-cross visuals.

Mesh-Mounted Glass Mosaic Sheets
Provide a stand-alone or tandem renovation option. The non-absorbent glass is low maintenance that can easily be cut into customizable design pieces.

External Ventilated Wall Systems
Address the issues of thermal insulation and humidity protection. Matte, polished and glazed finishes and countless color combinations’ large-format porcelain outperform to make freeze-thaw, fading, graffiti, abrasion and weather conditions become non-issues.

Marazzi USA ceramic and porcelain floor tiles offer a wide variety of tile sizes and colors in American made options for your renovation requirements. To learn more, please contact a sales representative or complete our Quote Request Form. Call 800-825-1221 or email info@continentalflooring.com.