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Free Floating Vinyl Floors

Along with products like wood and laminate plank that can be installed over existing floor coverings or subfloors without adhesives, offerings include commercial “floating floors” with wood-look plank or sheet vinyl. Although some carpet tile can be installed without adhesives (glueless), this page is dedicated to resilient free floating vinyl floor options.
Vinyl Wood-Look Planks & Tile

Armstrong luxeinstall free floating floorsProducts such as Armstrong’s Luxe Plank are installed when individual planks adhere to each other and not the floor. You can install over some existing flooring or prepared subfloor. Plank installation is quick, and a window of open time is available to release and reposition planks during installation. Because planks tightly adhere to each other, they create a water-resistant floor and this is a great option for high, topical moisture areas when the perimeter is caulked. Manufacturers offer realistic wood visuals making this an excellent maintenance upgrade over traditional wood plank or parquet floor covering.

FirmLoc free floating floorsEarthWerks offers vinyl plank with both wood and stone visuals. LinkWerks™ floating luxury vinyl plank and tile is available with glueless click technology called Rapid Clic™ or select auto-adhesive Firm Loc™. These products can be installed over some existing hard-surface floor coverings provided the subfloor is smooth. Its easy installation procedures and make it another choice for cost-effective renovations.

Continental Flooring Company also offers its Ironwood vinyl plank with several wood-look visuals manufactured with an interlocking system for easy installation. After installation, it can be walked on right away so you can turnover renovated areas more quickly.  Other key attributes include a silencing layer, dimensional stability and 72% recycled content.

Free Floating Sheet Vinyl Floor Options

stratamax free floating floorsArmstrong’s StrataMax is a new product offering a fiberglass/vinyl backing on their wide width residential grade sheet vinyl. Because of this backing, the vinyl will lay flat and has more stability in handling the usual expansion/contraction issues. Installation can be traditional full spread adhesive (including a releasable adhesive), but modified loose lay is preferred by the “Do it Yourself” Market. Sheet goods are typically quieter under foot than plank due to the layered manufacturing process – offering a cushion feel. 12’ goods are available for less seaming.

Product Benefits

Both sheet and plank offer easy installation as one of the biggest benefits, minimizing subfloor preparations. Additionally, loose-lay products that are not adhered to existing floor coverings are good options when dealing with existing asbestos-containing flooring. Quick removal can be a money and time saver when considering tenant relocations or when a face lift is needed. Finish layers on these products offer easy maintenance and protection against scratches and stains and are typically more tear/rip resistant.

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Adhesive-free or Floating Vinyl Floor Choices Include:

Sheet – FlexStep & StrataMax™
Plank – Luxe™ (multiple grades)

Sheet – AirStep Evolution®, AirStep® Plus™
Plank – ArmorCore, Endurance SmartLink

Continental LVT Collection
Ironwood (Wood-look interlocking plank) 72% Recycled Content

The Core Collection

LooseLay Vinyl Plank

Konecto™ (multiple grades)

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