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Carpet Tile

Are you looking for style without sacrificing durability? Carpet tile, or modular carpet is one of the easiest to install flooring options and benefits from having a multitude of colorful options for any setting.

We offer Carpet Tile from a variety of Manufacturers for Material Only Orders or Complete Installation!

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Mohawk Color Balance Carpet
Mohawk Color Balance Carpet Tile
Shaw Carpet Tile
Shaw Modular Carpet

Carpet Tile Applications

Because of its ease of use, carpet tiles have both form and function for almost any facility. Places that can make the most of this kind of flooring usually have high volume and traffic, such as schools, offices, or healthcare facilities! This kind of carpet also has the flexibility of being used on stair treads. Carpet tiles can even add acoustical properties to your building and resist stains and moisture!

Mohawk Carpet Tile in Library

Easy Installation Options

One of the best aspects of installing carpet tile is its versatility. Each tile can be set next to one another in a variety of patterns or turns providing different aesthetic for the same product. Installation is swift and convenient so you can get back to walking on your floors in no time!

Carpet Tile Installation
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Benefits Over Broadloom

There are clear benefits to using carpet tile over broadloom carpet. Each individual tile can be replaced, meaning you don’t have to redo your entire floor.  The ability to mix and match tiles allows for endless design possibilities and creativity, making carpet tile one of the most stylish flooring options available. The three most common commercial backing are offered by most suppliers, including: felt back, standard cushion back and premium cushion back. Each of these items provide various benefits to enhance your floor coverings.

Before and After Flooring in Museum

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