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Rubber Flooring Options

Ecore Commercial Rubber Flooring Lobby

Commercial rubber flooring product applications offer buyers choices from smooth rubber sheet tile, square rubber tiles, rubber floor mats, interlocking tiles and recycled rubber flooring. Some of the properties of rubber floor coverings are that they are naturally slip resistant and resistant to bacteria and fungi (ASTM G21). In addition, products are homogeneous (color extends through the product), PVC-free and/or low VOC, and offer shock absorbing and acoustic qualities. Although there are generally higher up front cost, rubber products offer a long life cycle. Because waxing and sealing is not required, maintenance of these floors is minimal, helping to make rubber an excellent choice in many environments.

Rubber Flooring Options

Through the manufacturing process, commercial rubber flooring products can be produced with various textures and patterns that can assist slip resistance or add to the floor’s visual appeal. Patterns may also aid with ADA compliance. Logos and other design elements can be cut into the floor. Tiles and sheet flooring can be a solid color, marbleized or made with a speckled pattern. For specialty flooring needs, additives are available for oil and grease resistant flooring which makes the product more durable in mechanical or kitchen areas. Some products are available to meet IMO/Coast Guard certification standards. Recycled rubber flooring products include sport flooring and are typically produced from recycled tires.
Flexco textured rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is generally available as a blend of natural (virgin) and synthetic rubber and is manufactured through a mold or extrusion process. Products are cured through a process of vulcanization. During this molding process, sulfur-based material and other compounds are added as well as silicone-type release agents. The benefits of these additives are that a “no wax” floor is created. A patina-type waxy material is emitted from the flooring providing wax protection against mineral grit scratching while being able to be stripped from the floor to give it a “like new” appearance once again.

Continental Flooring Company is pleased to offer rubber flooring from many manufacturers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next flooring project with you whether for rubber floor coverings or any other flooring product. For additional product options, please visit our Products page.

Rubber Floor Covering Manufacturers

Include the following:

  • Armstrong
  • Dinoflex
  • ECOSurfaces
  • Ecore Commercial Flooring
  • Everlast
  • Flexco
  • Johnsonite
  • Nora
  • RC Musson
  • Roppe

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