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Sustainable Ceilings

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Systems by Armstrong Ceiling

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Systems by Armstrong Ceiling

Are you looking for environmentally friendly solutions for your ceiling system? Sustainable ceilings reduce waste, are more energy efficient, and have durable properties. These ceiling systems are made from recycled content, such as mineral fiber, aluminum, and wood materials.

Sustainable Ceiling Properties

Types of Sustainable Ceilings

  • Mineral Fiber & Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Metal

Our product lines from Armstrong Ceiling can be up to 100% recyclable. For example, one of the mineral fiber ceiling systems we offer, Calla, is USDA certified and has properties that are invaluable to any building. These mineral fiber tiles are water repellent, washable, and scratch resistant.

In addition to being sustainable, bio-based ceiling products can also have great sound absorption properties with high NRC and CAC ratings.

Armstrong Ceilings has already saved over 550,000 tons of ceiling material with their eco-friendly options.

Why use eco-friendly ceilings?

Eco-friendly ceiling systems are an excellent choice for places with a high volume of people such as schools or healthcare facilities. Airassure products by Armstrong Ceilings are perfect for hospitals because of their washability, ability to direct airflow effectively, and acoustic properties. This line of ceiling tile is even anti-bacterial and resists odor, making it ideal for patients in any room.
METALWORKS by Armstrong Ceiling is another durable option that has acoustical properties. These metal ceiling systems are stylish while offering the similar benefits to other eco-friendly tiles. Metal ceiling options work well in spaces such as airports, college campuses, and restaurants.

 METALWORKS XL Silver Grey Armstrong Ceilings

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