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Tarkett Flooring

azrock tarkett vinyl tile commercial flooring

Continental Flooring Company is pleased to offer customers the complete line of Tarkett flooring products which include solid vinyl tile, vinyl enhanced tile and vinyl composition tile. Tarkett VCT (formally Azrock) products are FloorScore™ certified and some choices can help earn LEED points.

If you are looking to utilize any of Tarkett’s vinyl tile flooring products, we can assist. To learn more, please contact a sales representative today or complete our quote request form. Call 800-825-1221 or email

Flooring Options Include the Following:

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

Traditional VCT constructed with 85% limestone. 100% post-consumer recyclable back to VCT. Phthalate-free.

Vinyl Enhanced Tile (VET)

With more binder than traditional VCT, the product requires less maintenance. In addition, the product has a finish offering ceramic coating technology which resists dirt build up.

  • Color Essence – choose from over 51 colorways; unique, non-directional pattern.
  • Azterra –  23 colors available with granite-like particles to create a dynamic terrazzo visual.

Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT)

Tarkett’s solid vinyl product line has lower maintenance costs and can be maintained with a neutral cleaner and dry buffing.

  • Cortina Grande – offering the classic confetti pattern with homogeneous construction; 50 colorways; smooth or slip-resistant options
  • Cortina Grande SR – classic confetti pattern; slip-resistant texture to help reduce slip/falls
  • ColorEssense SR – 6 colorways match Cortina Grande visuals; special slip-resistant texture to help reduce slips/falls

SpraySmart Resilient Flooring Spray Adhesive

Tarkett offers its SpraySmart adhesive which speeds the installation process and is VOC-free. Call for details.