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Wall Base

Wall Base - Roppe

Roppe Rubber Cove Base

Continental Flooring offers a variety of wall base solutions, specifically with cove base (with toe) and straight base (toeless). We also offer rubber and vinyl wall base in profiles that mimic the appearance of high-end baseboard, while protecting your walls. Wall base is the “icing on the cake” for your floor coverings, and can have many functional benefits to supplement your floor’s style. Not only does wall base protect your walls from the day to day foot traffic or being damaged during the floor cleaning process, it also protects against weatherization or light moisture from causing dry rot.

Cove Base

Cove base, also known as wall base with toe, is versatile because of its curved style, ease of use, and dimensional stability. Continental flooring offers cove base from manufacturers such as Roppe, Flexco, Johnsonite, and Burke.

Rubber and Vinyl Cove Base

Flexco -Wallbase

Flexco Cove Base


Aligning your floors with cove base can be beneficial for long term wear and tear. Office spaces, classrooms, hallways, or any other space with a high volume of traffic can utilize cove base to protect floor coverings and walls. Not only is wall base available in rubber or vinyl, it is available in a thermoplastic rubber blend. Rubber is more flexible and resistant to gouging and abrasions, with a longer lifespan. Thermoplastic rubber blend provides the benefits of rubber cove base, but from a more economical standpoint. Vinyl cove base is the least expensive option, but is not recommended in areas where there are large changes in weather.
Cove base is typically 2.5 to 6 inches high, meaning that taller options are available if you want to protect more of your walls. The most popular heights are typically anywhere from 4 to 6 inches.

Rubber or Vinyl Base?

There are some key differences when choosing rubber versus vinyl cove base.

Benefits of Rubber include

  • Rubber is the most flexible option for cove base
  • Colors on rubber cove last long and look great

Benefits of Vinyl include

  • Vinyl is the least expensive option compared to other wall base materials
  • Made from lighter material than rubber

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