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Stair Treads, Stringers and Risers

Continental Flooring Company, teaming with a variety of manufacturers, offers a variety of commercial stair treads, landing tile, stringers and riser options. Rubber, vinyl and metal products are available to meet your project requirements – inside and out.  Manufacturers utilize various profile designs and textures along with added features like embedded grit strips to aid with safety and ADA requirements.

Here are a variety of products offered from our multiple manufacturers:

                Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl Stair Treads Vinyl Stair Treads offer long wearing capability and are an economic option for improving traction and slip-resistance on any stairway. Vinyl treads are usually made from a nonporous, abrasion-resistant vinyl allowing for easy cleaning. The surface of this vinyl often has a corrugated rib pattern which helps remove dirt and debris and increases traction.


Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads are generally molded of top quality, homogeneous rubber and designed for commercial and industrial use. Installers find rubber  tread products easier to trim on site to the exact size of each step. Tapered nosing ensures a better fit while the smooth rear border allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Rubber stair treads are ideal for use in heavy-traffic public stairways including commercial buildings, multi-family housing, offices and retail stores.

         Aluminum Stair Treads

Aluminum Stair Treads contain diamond-hard, aluminum oxide abrasives that are bonded to heat-treated aluminum to form the most rugged outdoor metal stair treads. Ideal for use in the most heavily traveled, outdoor public stairways, these metal stair coverings hold up to in the harshest environments including, rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperature ranges.


Stair Tread Risers and Stringers

Stair Tread Risers and Stringers are available in both vinyl and rubber varieties with matching colors for most stair treads and landing tile. Both the length and height of stair risers can easily be cut to fit specific spaces. Coved risers provide a visually appealing transition from stair tread to riser with a curved bottom lip. Stringers are a smooth vinyl or rubber material which can finish and protect the sides of a stairway.

Stair Tread Adhesives

There are many adhesives and epoxy systems to secure stair treads, stair risers, stringers and floor tiles to virtually any type of surface including wood, tile, metal, concrete, terrazzo and asphalt. These flooring adhesives offer different strengths and compounds, and have varying drying times depending on the adhesive selected. Most stair tread adhesives come in a variety of sizes. Stair tread nose caulk is also available to fill gaps between the tread and the nose of the stair.


Anti-Slip & Grit Strip Tapes

Grit Strip or Anti-Slip Tapes improve traction on indoor/outdoor stairs, ramps and other locations where safety and slip-resistance are critical. These anti-skid tapes are available in two forms, both pads and rolls and come in a wide variety of colors to either blend into the surrounding environment or to provide contrast to catch one’s eye. Many non-slip tapes offered exceed all OSHA, ADA and ASTM requirements.


Fiberglass Stair Treads

Fiberglass Stair Treads are grit-surfaced step coverings that offer extreme traction and ideal for use in heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. The fire-retardant fiberglass is enveloped in a high-traction, carbide grit coating for superior traction in any environment and for use on metal, wood and concrete stairs and step ladders. Flat fiberglass floor coverings can be used for improved traction on ramps, handicap entrances, stair landings, and corridors.


Grit Strip Stair Treads

Grit Strip Stair Treads

Stair Treads with high-traction grit strips and visually-impaired contrast strips provide a safer walking surface to prevent slip and fall accidents and increase overall safety while helping to meet many code regulations. Stair Treads with abrasive grit strips are especially useful for areas with greater exposure to moisture, grease and oils and can help minimize slippage, even in high-traffic environments.


Stair Nosings

Stair nosings

Stair nosings are made from many different materials including rubber, vinyl, metal and wood. They protect against slips and falls and can be a critical component of any stairwell system since nosings take the brunt of foot traffic. It is the best part of the step to increase traction and slip resistance. Stair Nosings are typically 2″ – 4″ deep into the step can be placed on top of an existing stair or inlaid into a new concrete, wood or metal stair. Nosings can edge up against carpet or virtually any other flooring substrate. Also, due to their smaller size, stair nosings can be a less costly option compared to traditional stair treads and other step coverings.


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