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Static Dissipative Flooring

Flexco ESD Floor

Often there are special requirements when installing a floor that needs static dissipation like computer rooms and labs. Choosing a commercial Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and static dissipative (SDT) flooring helps create a conductive pathway for electrical charges, eliminating static, unwanted shock transmissions and disruptive surges.

These pathways are grounded to disperse the voltage without harm to electronics. Commercial static controlled flooring is ideal for cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, computer rooms and areas where static electrical discharge provides a hazard to sensitive devices and electronics.

Flexco Static Dissipative FlooringStatic Dissipative Tiles (SDT) dissipates static electricity in areas where static electrical discharge presents a hazard to sensitive devices, while helping to control static charges generated by the human body. Electrostatic dissipative flooring absorbs static electricity, preventing an electric shock to people and devices ideal for areas with heavy electrostatic charges. Flooring options include:

Carpet: designer friendly, low maintenance, ideal in office and educational applications

Vinyl Tile: easy installation, low maintenance, no waxing options

Matting: movable, slip resistant, top surface patterns allow for dirt and moisture removal

Rubber Tile: durable, PVC free

Flooring product options meet commercial HEAVY LOAD standards with 2,000 psi or more. We offer American-made options as well as sustainable opportunities to meet project requirements. Specifications can be provided from various manufacturers to assist you in finding the best product for your renovation.

Continental Flooring Company provides several manufacturers who design static dissipative products in a variety of sizes, colors, textures and material. Vinyl and rubber materials are options for quality static dissipation. Appealing color combinations with random visual patterns allow designs to compliment any commercial interior. Welding rods seam the products together for a consistent conduit and room cleanliness that meets commercial antibacterial standards.

Here’s a list of a few manufactures that provide ESD and SDT flooring options:

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next flooring project with you whether for ESD floor coverings or any other flooring product. For additional product options, please visit our Products page, contact one of our Sales Representatives at 800-825-1221 or email us at