Acoustical Walls – Barriers to Sound

Walls can easily go unnoticed, but they can also be a strategic part of room, facilities or buildings.  Noise is the number one complaint in the workplace, students are affected by acoustics in classrooms, and employees from hospitals often complain of unwanted noise as one of the leading sources of distraction for both patients and staff. Armstrong’s acoustic and sound control wall panels, featuring the ideal combination of both sound blocking and sound absorption, are an excellent solution to all your wall needs.

Any kind of acoustical installation involves an NRC. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. It is the average sound absorption coefficient measured at four frequencies: 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Hz. It rates the ability of a wall panel, or other material, to absorb sound. The NRC is averaged over all angles and sound frequencies and represents the average absorption per unit area. All Armstrong acoustic wall products has an NRC listed so buyers can measure the need for their acoustical barriers.

Two of the most popular Armstrong acoustical wall products are Tectum® and SOUNDSOAK. Each offers something unique for your installation.

Armstrong Tectum® Wall Panels

Tectum® wall panels come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Ranging from factory finish, white, or custom color, to designs with provided artwork, these resilient panels can be repainted up to six times without impacting the acoustic (or fire) performance. Tectum® is ideal to blend durability and unique visuals. Tectum panels also have UL® Certified acoustics with acoustical testing and reporting that align with industry-wide best practices.

For those focused on sustainability, Tectum® products are the answer. The panels are made of fibers from one of the most sustainably harvested trees of its kind, the Wisconsin Aspen. Many Tectum panels are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), ensuring wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Tectum® products are made of natural fibers and binders that are turned into unique, sound-absorbing, textured wall panels that bring nature inside.

Tectum® panels can be installed in floating systems or directly to walls in either vertical or horizontal positions, making them an easy way to add acoustics where needed to almost any facility or building. These panels are also part of CleanAssure™ portfolio nsuring easy maintenance.

 Armstrong SOUNDSOAK Wall Panel

SOUNDSOAK wall panels off the optimal in acoustical performance in a wide range of commercial interior settings. Providing excellent sound absorption in a wide range of colors made from a variety of fabric and vinyl, SOUNDSOAK panels are easily installed with adhesives and/or internal splines over most any smooth, structurally sound interior wall surface.  Like Tectum®, SOUNDSOAK panels are part of Armstrong’s CleanAssure™ family of products with “disinfectable” panels, suspension systems, and trim. Convex and concave curved or flat panels can be integrated to fit any space. In addition, SOUNDSOAK acoustical wall panels can be customized to fit your project’s unique needs and match your design vision. Your Continental Flooring staff can help you to bring one-of-a-kind designs to life that can be integrated into your architect or contractor’s specifications.

Acoustical walls are an excellent way to reduce noise within a space. The Armstrong portfolio of commercial acoustical walls has a solution for your sound dilemma. Ask your Continental Flooring representative about more available options. We can offer materials only or complete installation services. GSA Buyers may wish to register online to view GSA pricing. This feature allows buyers quick, up-to-date access to 17 different GSA contracted manufacturers. Please feel free to call us for product advice, free samples, assistance in specifications, or to place an order. One call does it all!