Continental Flooring Company’s Private Label Carpets – Colors & Specifications

We’ve reviewed hundreds of commercial carpets and narrowed our primary choices to the carpet selections that follow. Teaming with Shaw, Mannington, Mohawk and Patcraft, we know you’ll be comfortable with the quality of these products and sure you’ll be able to find something just right for your facility. If you don’t see what you need, realize we can provide carpet from all manufacturers.

Carpets available under our GSA Contract GS-27-F-0034R are indicated with “*”, others are available open market. Commercial carpet installation services or material only procurement per your requirements. Click the PDF icon to download a Continental Flooring Company carpet specification sheet. Please contact our sales representatives at 800-825-1221 for additional information or to request a carpet sample.

Looking for carpets that meet ANSI / NSF 140 Certification or Texture Appearance Retention Ratings (TARR)? We have several carpets available meeting these standards. Please contact us at or 800-825-1221 for additional information.

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Discontinued Carpet Products include: Agave, Atlantic View, Baja Sands, Coastal Dunes, Coolidge, Current, Four Peaks, Grand Canyon, Kachina, Oceanic, Stone Creek, Superior, Surprise, Tombstone, Town Lake and Tubac. We would be happy to discuss your requirement and find a match to our current offerings.