Fit Flooring – What do you need to get your sport facility in shape?

Sport flooring has evolved. From interlocking tiles, rolls or sheet rubber to vinyl tile and weight room matting for both indoor and outdoor applications, there is a solution to get your sport floor in shape. A number of factors come into play when getting the right fit for your floor.

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• Existing Fitness Equipment: Do you have multiple workout machines with exposed cords? Several styles offer pedestal feet to help conceal cords.

 Impact: What activities will take place? Will you be conducting fitness classes, have free weights or have heavy exercise equipment? There are specific choices that work best for impact activities versus floor protection.

• Rolled/sheet rubber:  Will you need a uniformed look? Options are available for a virtually seamless appearance.

• Recycled Content: Is it important to go green? Products offered have high recycled content and may contribute to LEED credits.

• DIY Installation: Will your staff be completing the installation? Interlocking tiles offer easy installation without adhesives; tiles can be removed, reversed and replaced for longer wear. Many facilities install with existing staff.

• Designs Options: Need to add a logo or design? Looking for color options and texture? There are many choices to create a just-right floor for any environment.

• Anti-bacterial Surfaces: What’s the best way to keep your facility as clean as possible? Treated flooring can help eliminate bacteria and reduce the spread of germs.
• Spike / Skate Resistant: Will the floor need to stand up to some tough traffic? Sport floors are ideal for recreational areas such as hockey, skate, golf and more.

• Pool & Spa Areas: Any chance water will be a factor? Renovate a deck area with interlocking tiles that offer a cushioned, slip-resistant surface.

 Outdoor Applications: Exposure to weather? Choose slip-resistant products designed to withstand the elements.

Products to consider:
Ultra Tile from Everlast (Ecore) is a modular 2’x2’x1” tile. This ultra-tough flooring comes in various colors and has a unique pedestal underside that allows for routing of cords wires. Tiles can be placed over existing flooring with a quick and easy dowel rod installation for quick replacement. This sport flooring option is economical and low cost, is slip resistant and no adhesive required.

Everlast Ultratile Sport Flooring

Everlast Ultratile Sport Flooring

Dinomat from Dinoflex – This produce is made from 100% recycled tire rubber. Strong and stable, Dinomat resists tearing, cutting and freezing. It’s non-porous, non-skid and reduces noise levels. If you’re looking for a virtually seamless appearance, a rolled option is available.

Dinoflex Dinomat Sport Flooring

Dinoflex Dinomat Sport Flooring

Prime Sports from Flexco – This is an American made, slip-resistant, rubber recreational flooring; It’s available in rolls, square tiles or interlocking tiles. Prime Sports is shock and sound absorbing, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s up to 90% chip content for one or multiple colors.

Flexco Prime Sports Floor

Flexco Prime Sports Floor

Whether you’re looking for acoustics, impact resistance, slip resistance or other criteria, there endless options to get your sport floor fit and create a stylish environment while preserving safety and performance. To learn more, please contact a sales representative or complete our Quote Request Form. Call 800-825-1221 or email One call does it all!