Ahoy! Continental Offers Shipboard Flooring! (Part One)

We are heading to sea… Continental Flooring Company now offers a complete line of flooring and deck coverings that meet U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and Naval specifications. Everything changes when working environments are in motion, so it’s important to use top quality, compliant products that adhere to IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards. Slip resistance (especially when the surface is wet) becomes extremely important as the risk of slipping certainly rises aboard a moving vessel. In addition, shipboard flooring is also required to have passive fire protection and low toxic emissions.

Continental offers a number of different surface products can be considered for shipboard use:


According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, the regulations and rules for carpet aboard vessels require compliance to specific flammability and smoke density criteria. (With vessels in International Waters, there is also a compliance for toxicity.) We source 100% marine wool and our manufacturer states “the carpets that we offer meet the Federal Specification DDD-C-95 along with Military Standard 1623D (US Navy and US Coast Guard). They are approved under the IMO/FTP requirements and have Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Fire Approval. They are accepted for compliance with Lloyd’s Register Rules and Regulations and with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Our products are the most thoroughly tested carpets made in the U.S.”

wool carpet flooring

Rubber Tile

Rubber has become a very popular shipboard option. We supply Flexco Rubber Tile (click here for products) which is available in high and low profile, square or round studs, and is designed for high traffic areas of the ship. This tile is rugged, durable and extremely low maintenance. Dirt and water drain off the raised surface, reducing the risk of slipping. Constructed with solid, non-conductive rubber, Flexco’s products are also abrasion, chemical and impact resistant.

Flexco Rubber tile flooring

Flexco Rubber

Sheet Vinyl

Armstrong’s Connection Corlon is now Coast Guard approved and IMO Certified. This versatile sheet vinyl has recently been enhanced with a fresh and integrated color palette and new flexible fiberglass backing. This collection is available in 24 colors that offer a chip-and-grout visual that simulates stone such as terrazzo. A new UV-vured urethane coating also provides low maintenance options. This product is FloorScore certified for VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions to keep bacteria and mildew away.

Armstrong Connection shipboard flooring

Armstrong Connection Corlon

Set sail today! Many of the shipboard products offered are available on our GSA Contracts. In addition to our Contracts, we team with other GSA manufacturers to offer countless other products at open market pricing.  Click here to learn more, or please contact a sales representative or complete our Quote Request Form. Call 800-825-1221 or email info@continentalflooring.com. One call does it all!

~ Stay tuned for more shipboard flooring information ~