Fitness and Floors – Getting Your Facility in Shape with Sport Flooring

It’s a New Year and everyone is busy working on their resolutions and fitness always seems to be in the mix. What goes on the floor can also have a significant impact on the results. Sport and fitness flooring have evolved. As facilities have grown and changed, sport flooring has had to keep step. Sport flooring is no longer limited to gyms and weight rooms. “Sport flooring” can also be used in non-traditional applications such as in classrooms, high-traffic hallways and more. From interlocking tiles, rolls or sheet rubber to vinyl tile and weight room matting for both indoor and outdoor applications, there is a solution to get your floor in shape. There are a number of factors to consider when planning a sport floor for your facility, including:

  • The types of activities to take place on the surface
  • Whether or not specific requirements or standards need to be met
  • The amount of weight and wear that will be put on the floor
  • How the space will be used in the future and the life cycle of the floor
  • The condition and type of subfloor
  • Ease of installation
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance needs
  • Budgets

Once you have assessed what you need from your sport floor, Continental Flooring can guide you to a number of different products to create a perfectly fit floor. Here are several products to consider:

ECOfit from Ecore is designed for bodies in motion. This fusion-bonded, athletic rubber roll flooring provides enhanced performance while mitigating fatigue and the risk of injury. Made from high-quality, post-consumer recycled rubber granules, this flooring is sound and shock abosorbent, wear and water-resistant, and is slip resistant wet or dry. ECOfit has an expansive color line and is the perfect balance of durability and beauty.

ecofit ecofriendly flooring


Prime Sports from Flexco is an American made, slip-resistant, rubber recreational flooring; It’s available in rolls, square tiles or interlocking tiles. Prime Sports is shock and sound absorbing and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s up to 90% chip content for one or multiple colors. This highly functional and highly affordable rubber flooring is designed for commercial, industrial and fitness applications.

sport flooring

Flexco Prime Sports

Dinoflex Stride Fitness Tiles are ideal for workout areas that are located over occupied space. These floor tiles are non-laminated and provide superior vibration absorption and unparalleled noise reduction. The tiles are 1 ½” thick and have been engineered for stability and impact. They have a no-glue, self-aligning dowel interlocking system that allows the tile to be installed over existing rubber flooring. Stride Fitness Tiles are available in a wide range of colors with custom colors available upon request.

sustainable rubber flooring

Dinoflex Stride Fitness Tiles

Roppe Recoil Fitness Flooring is a multi-functional flooring designed for use in commercial or industrial applications where a bit more comfort is needed under foot. This flooring can be used both inside and out and has a texture that is soft to walk on while being slip resistant. Recoil is available in rolls and 36” x 36” interlocking tiles. Custom colors are also available upon request.

interlocking rubber flooring

Roppe Recoil

Musson Sport Floors are renowned for their durability. Their spike-resistant flooring is made from recycled rubber combined with color flecs of new rubber to create an environmentally friendly, slip resistant sport surface. This product is available in rolls or 36” x 36” interlocking tiles in varying thicknesses. This Musson product is ideal for weight rooms, fitness studios, grocery store produce areas, walking tracks, schools and community centers.

weight room sport flooring

Musson Sport Floors

Whether you’re looking for sound absorption, impact resistance, slip resistance or other criteria, there are endless options to get your floor fit and create a stylish environment while preserving safety and performance. To learn more, please contact a sales representative or complete our Quote Request Form Call 800-825-1221.


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