Floor Covering Trends for 2023

Happy New Year from Continental Flooring! With the pandemic (mostly) in the rear-view mirror, facilities are looking to update and improve their spaces. With the release of many new commercial flooring products and flooring technologies, 2023 is the year to make some changes. Looking toward the future, there are several trends to consider for your new flooring project:

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Flooring

The world is quickly becoming overcrowded, and eventually resources will diminish. It has become very important that manufacturers of all kinds develop and promote sustainable products. Over the last decade, floor covering manufacturers have certainly carried their weight.  Working through different programs they have created, the common goal is to reduce the footprint on ecosystems and, at the same time, provide healthier buildings. Eco-friendly and recycled surfaces are the wave of the future. Flooring products made with low VOC-emitting materials and carpet manufactured from recycled material will be prominent in 2023. Ask your Continental Flooring representative about sustainable and eco-friendly flooring options.

Flexco Crosswire Woven Vinyl Flooring Scene
Flexco – Crosswire Woven Vinyl

Floor Covering Patterns and Textures

There was a time when interiors of buildings and hospitals were monotone and achromatic. Today’s commercial design in healthcare and beyond is combination of bold patterns and textures. From herringbone and cross-hatched to staggered tiles and imprinted tile designs, the sky is the limit in terms of pattern possibilities. Texture can also have a tremendous impact on a space. Whether it be for functionality (rubber to prevent slipping, or density to for sound control) or aesthetics, it will be very common in 2023 to see a mix of patterns and textures in commercial flooring design.  

Transitional Flooring and Fluidity

Connecting flooring spaces used to be a challenge, but with so many new types of flooring, the transition options are almost limitless. With multiple products in a space, the usage of an area can be expanded while adding depth to a design. Where carpet or carpet tile may be appropriate for comfort, rubber flooring may be needed in higher traffic areas. Having the right transition flooring makes for a more fluid look and an overall more impactful design in any space.

Shaw Contract Carpet Tile Flooring Scene
Shaw Contract Carpet Tile

Carpet, Carpet Tile, and Comfort

There is no doubt that carpet equals comfort under foot. In the new year, carpet tile will continue to gain ground on broadloom carpet and is quickly bridging a gap between wall-to-wall installations and hard surface options.  Though hitting a more expensive price point, manufacturers are selling more than ever. If you’re looking to give more depth and texture to your install, carpet tile may be an option.  Broadloom carpet is ideal for large area patterns and areas that can’t show seams, but carpet tile has come a long way in the design arena. Tiles come in different shapes and sizes and can be installed on a quarter turn, in multiple colors to create a parquet look, offset with borders, or in random patterns. There will be plenty of situations where broadloom carpet is the flooring of choice, but it may be worth exploring carpet tile for one of your future installations.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Vinyl Sheet Flooring

LVT and vinyl sheet flooring continue to boom in the commercial flooring world. The trend in LVT is leaning more toward natural and more organic looks capturing the essence of earth’s woods, stones, metals, and original graphic designs in a wide array of tile and plank sizes. LVT and sheet vinyl flooring combine the best of durability, technology, and design for a unique look and high performance. The durable, abrasion resistant wear layer allows for years of good looks while the UV-cured urethane coating provides low-maintenance options and may eliminate the need for polishes in some areas. Modular flexibility, including large format shapes, make vinyl a standout. Realism will also cause a spark this year with high fidelity printing techniques transforming the look of some vinyl surfaces. Ask your Continental Flooring rep about the possibilities.

Glossy Finishes

In 2023, the shine is back! Facilities of all kinds are leaning toward glossy finishes and high polish looks. Creating a clean, sleek, sophisticated look, shiny floors can mean choosing a product with a gloss finish like tile, laminate, or polished concrete. A bit higher on the maintenance side, but if the project calls for spectacular… consider the shine.

Roppe Sheet Vinyl

Soft Accents

In contrast, some commercial spaces will embrace the subtlety of softer accents. Softer looking flooring like wood and woodgrain products all for a warmer feel. Laminates and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) have options of woodgrain “printed” styles that have gained popularity.

Whatever your needs in 2023 and beyond. Continental Flooring’s knowledgeable staff is here to guide you.

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