Marazzi Wood Grain Tile

In 1935, the Marazzi family started manufacturing ceramic tile in Sassuolo, Italy. What began as craft-based production of raw clay, morphed into a state-of-the art facility with cutting edge technology that would evolve into the most significant tile manufacturing center in the world. Today, Marazzi’s vast experience and constant innovation make them a major international presence in the tile industry. Creativity and unique design, combined with environmental awareness, give Marazzi a special foothold in the market. With over 3,500 products in porcelain stoneware, crystallized stoneware and single-fired, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stones available in a range of sizes, colors, thicknesses and surfaces, Marazzi tile always makes an impact.


At the end of 2012, Marazzi was acquired by Mohawk Industries, and it has proven to be quite a success. Ceramic tile remains the world’s most widely utilized flooring product with an estimated worldwide consumption of more than 110 billion square feet and annual growth of 5 to 6%. Marazzi distributes ceramic tile in more than 100 countries through a strong international sales force, which in turn increases Mohawk’s worldwide growth. (The Marazzi USA division manufactures all their products in the United States.)


Continental Flooring Company is pleased to extend Marazzi USA on open marketing pricing. Through Marazzi USA we offer their abrasive resistant ceramic, porcelain floor tiles, glass mosaics, metallic tiles and modular tile formats. We also carry their decorative tiles and trim accessories to add the finishing touches to any commercial renovation project.

Marazzi is very proud of their state-of-the-art 3d printing technique that uses the latest in digital print technology to create extraordinary textures on the tile. “We can replicate the look of raw materials like wood and travertine,” says Territory Sales Manager, Meegan Berner. “Our process gives us the ability to press the tile to create a surface profile that emulates the natural material. For example, we have tile that looks like natural wood and you can actually feel the grain.”   Marazzi’s process gives them the ability to print up to 360dpi to offer finer, crisper and smoother definition for print designs and a stunning palette of more than 100 square feet with no repetition, at maximum resolution.


In addition, Marazzi is a leader in keeping the industry green. Their commitment to eco-sustainable production uses a closed-cycle process from quarrying to the final product. Marazzi has developed a system that applies to their entire manufacturing cycle that limits the consumption of natural resources and impact on the environment.


Marazzi USA ceramic and porcelain floor tiles offer a wide variety of tile sizes and colors in American made options for your renovation requirements. To learn more, please contact a sales representative or complete our Quote Request Form. Call 800-825-1221 or email