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Healthcare Floor Coverings and Ceilings and Wall Systems

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Flooring and Ceiling for Healthcare Conversions

As a government flooring contractor, Continental Flooring Company is open during this COVID-19 pandemic as an essential business ready to work with USACE, FEMA, state governments and government general contractors to assist with Alternative Care Site (ACS) conversions. We offer a full line of materials meeting healthcare standards for floor coverings and ceiling systems. In addition, we offer a complete line of floor preparation products which can assist with subfloors or even going  over existing flooring make flooring installations even quicker. We are registered on and available for samples, technical assistance and to provide quotations. Experienced flooring installation crews are available for installation projects

The physical environment in which patients are cared for and in which caregivers work has a measurable impact on them. Research suggests that having a facility that is more home-like and less institutional speeds up the healing process and reduces stress during the patients stay. Continental Flooring is proud to assist you in finding the right products for your healthcare facility.

Floor Coverings

A few of the top concerns for flooring in healthcare facilities include the following:

  • Slip Resistance – Patient safety should be the #1 priority. Having slip resistant flooring takes some of the worry away – minimizing the risk of patients slipping and falling.
  • Maintenance – ease if maintenance is extremely important in healthcare facilities for a variety of reasons. Two of the most important are:
    • Time – Routine maintenance that needs to be done on the flooring throughout the facility cannot be time consuming. It needs to be quick and simple so as not to interrupt patients recovery or operations that need to be performed. Several low maintenance flooring options are available and our experts can guide you to the right solution.
    • Cleanliness – Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment in healthcare facilities is imperative. Bacteria and viruses come from just about anywhere. There are many choices for floor coverings that have anti-microbial finishes to deter the growth of bacteria.
  • Durability – Flooring that is able to withstand high traffic loads – both foot and rolling – is essential in healthcare facilities. Depending on where floor coverings are installed, there are design choices to meet your technical and visual expectations.

healthcare Luxury Vinyl Tile and Sheet Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Sheet Vinyl are two flooring types that are suitable for healthcare. They provide outstanding performance and ease of maintenance. Available in colors and designs that make the facility feel less institutional-like, proving to aid in recovery for patients. During installation, the option of heat welding and flash coving is available for sheet goods, creating a space that is free from contamination caused by harmful bacteria and viruses.

Other types of flooring suitable for healthcare facilities: Rubber, Vinyl Composition Tile, Laminate Flooring, and more.

Ceiling & Grid Systems for Healthcare

Acoustical performance is a critical factor in healthcare environments. When noise levels are high and bothersome to patients, it is proven that it negatively impacts their recovery. Loud noises elevate psychological and physiological stress levels, contributing to poor sleep quality which is crucial to healing. With NRC levels ranging from standard (0.55) to high (0.77 and higher), acoustical ceiling panels are one of the best solutions for problems with noise levels. In addition to acoustical ceiling challenges, we can direct you to offerings for light reflectance, mold and mildew resistance, cleanability and other performance requirements. Ceiling tile, panels and grid systems are available in a variety of colors and textures.

healthcare acoustical ceiling tiles

Acoustical Wall Systems for Healthcare

Along with ceilings, wall panels are very important in healthcare facilities. Sound absorption comes into play even more when dealing with wall panels, due to neighboring rooms in the facility.  Panels with sound absorption and sound blocking for nurses stations help to control noise. Research shows that noise levels often exceed the World Health Organization guidelines in patient rooms, making an environment that is stressful and disruptive for patients during the night. In addition to high noise levels creating a disruptive environment, there is also a risk of violating the HIPAA privacy rule when discussions are held with patients in consultation or admittance areas. Products are also available with washable or water-resistant surfaces and high light reflectance. Many fabrics and textures are available.

healthcare acoustical wall panels

Some additional providers that excel in healthcare floor, ceiling or walls:

Daltile, Flexco, Armstrong, Roppe, Nora, J+J Flooring Group, Floorfolio and more!

We hope you have a basic understanding of who we are and what we do. Please feel free to contact us for product advice, free samples, assistance in specifications, or to place an order. We welcome contract purchases, formal bids, RFQs or Open Market requirements. One call will do it all!

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