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Moisture Resistant Ceiling Tiles

One way to combat the threat of mold and bacteria in your building is to implement a moisture resistant ceiling tile system. These ceiling tiles are a long lasting, durable option in humid conditions.

Perfect for…

  • Rooms with poor ventilation/air flow such as basements
  • Bathrooms and other rooms with high odor and bacteria
  • Areas susceptible to mold and mildew
Indoor pool with moisture resistant ceiling tile

TECTUM Blades and Baffles – Armstrong Ceilings

Who benefits from moisture resistant ceiling tiles?

Healthcare building

Areas that are most prone to bacteria include but are not limited to healthcare facilities, classrooms, locker rooms, kitchens and restaurants, auditoriums, indoor pools, and hallways.
These areas usually have a high volume of people going through them, meaning the ceiling system could be exposed to a mixture of moisture, bacteria, and odor.
In places such as healthcare facilities, having a robust ceiling system can be vital for your people’s health by enabling a better airflow.

How are they moisture resistant?

Moisture ceiling tiles are resistant to bacteria, mold, and humidity because they are made from Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC. PVC is a polymer that is not only durable but can withstand humid conditions and actually absorb moisture.

Another important element for humidity control is in HUMIGUARD tiles by Armstrong Ceilings, which prevents ceiling systems from sagging. HUMIGUARD panels absorb moisture and gases, cooling down the room and circulating airflow. The best HUMIGUARD panels, such as Armstrong Ceiling’s HUMIGUARD Max, can withstand a 100% humidity level. Tiles are also available to resist chemical fumes, are washable and scrubbable, and even sag resistant!

What styles are offered for moisture resistant ceiling tiles?

These materials are more than just functional in humidity, they come in a great variety of styles depending on your setting. In addition to their moisture absorbing properties, moisture resistant tiles can also have acoustical properties, perfect for a classroom or healthcare facility.

Stylish Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Clarkson Platou by Armstrong Ceilings

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