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Keeping it Dry… Moisture Barriers for Carpet

Depending on your performance requirements, moisture barriers are an integral part of choosing and installing carpet. Designed to be installed underneath the carpet and over the pad, or attached to the carpet itself, having a moisture a barrier provides a layer of protection from liquid from penetrating through. Over time, this can extend the life […]

Education Flooring Market Segment Installtion

Continental Flooring Installers Showcase Outstanding Work

Continental Flooring does installation work worldwide utilizing authorized subcontractors and we are proud to recognize the talent and skill of these expert floor covering installers. Continental recently held another Photo Contest for our installers to showcase their expertise. We had multiple submittals, and we wanted to share the images of the work that won accolades. […]

Everything Carpet – Taking a Closer Look Under Foot

Colors, fibers, backings, ratings, traffic, maintenance… There is a lot to consider in the wide world of carpet. Choosing the right commercial carpet can be overwhelming. There are so many carpets available that customers often don’t know where to start. Knowledge is power, so being educated about what is what under foot will go a […]