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Commercial Sheet Vinyl Manufacturers

armstrong timberline sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet flooring offers buyers economical choices in vinyl or rubber without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or durability. Characteristics of commercial sheet flooring make it an ideal solution for medical centers, educational facilities, healthcare and other governmental sectors. Commercial sheet flooring is a viable alternative to floor tile due to its cost-effectiveness. Products typically come in 6′ or 12′ widths in rolls of varying lengths. Wider rolls help eliminate the need for multiple seams.

On a properly prepared sub floor, sheet flooring can be easily installed by heat welding. Flash coving is another benefit to sheet flooring and is typically used in healthcare for aseptic requirements. In this process the sheet flooring is extended up onto the wall to eliminate the spacing between the floor and wall to minimize areas in the floor where dirt and other particles collect. Sheet flooring can help you obtain a more uniform visual and a more moisture resistant flooring solution. Along with traditional installations, recent technology allows for a loose-lay, adhesive-free or perimeter glued options for quicker and easier installations.

The selection between heterogeneous and homogeneous sheets provide a flooring solution for every application. Heterogeneous sheet offers a mix of layers – print layer, wear layer, backing and more. This style offers the ability to inlay a printed photograph below a wear layer to mimic the looks of wood, stone, ceramic, patterns and textures and an ideal flooring for stain resistance. The various layers of sheet flooring in heterogeneous styles makes it a viable solution for all your renovations because it mixes a combination of materials in a multitude of ways. Most ideally, heterogeneous sheet is recommended for multi-family, hospitality and light commercial applications.

Due to its thick, through pattern construction, homogeneous sheet offers more abrasive resistance. The dense material is great for high traffic hallways and entrances, holding up to and easily hiding scuffs and gouging. Thus, it does not need to be replaced as the slightest indentation and can offer a more economical solution. Most ideally, homogeneous sheet is recommended for high traffic commercial, healthcare and educational applications.

Many of our manufacturers offer American made selections, FloorScore certified flooring and low maintenance options. Easily maintain sheet flooring with a polish, light polish or buffing option. Some floors are available with finishes that remove the need for routine polishing and buffing maintenance.

Armstrong rejuvenations commercial sheet flooring patient room

Choose from a selection of manufacturers:

  • Armstrong
  • Congoleum
  • Flexco
  • Shaw
  • Mannington
  • Lonseal
  • Polyflor
  • Gerflor
  • Forbo
  • Roppe

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