What’s New – Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tile  

Continental Flooring keeps pace with all the latest and greatest on the floor covering scene. Luxury vinyl tile is one of the most popular surfaces on the market today. Recently, Armstrong launched multiple new lines of LVT.

Biome Luxury Vinyl Tile

Biome emphasizes the luxury of wood patterns, unique graining and earthy brown tones represented across the Earth’s diverse ecosystems. The collection was intentionally designed to capture and translate an organic aesthetic and tactile warmth, strengthening the human connection with nature in the built environment. Create a sense of harmony and comfort with naturally imperfect Savannah, contemporary clean Boreal, rustic Tellus, elastic Earthen, nomadic Altitude, meditative Selva, or rhythmic Montane.

Terra Luxury Vinyl Tile

The Earth is a creator, metamorphosing minerals into gemstones that inspire human creativity with endless variations of color and texture. Terra was inspired by change – the transformative power of heat and pressure – and the resulting strength, character, and raw beauty of natural stone. There are three unique designs: Palazzo, Craton, and Astana. Palazzo, available in an 18 in. x 36 in. format, features a terrazzo-inspired visual in tonal neutrals and complementary accents, bringing a subtle and timeless pattern to any space. Craton was inspired by small aggregate concrete for a raw and repurposed look. It’s available in 18 in. x 36 in. tiles. Astana, in 18 in. x 18 in. tiles, conveys the strength and character of natural stone in reimagined colorways.

Coalesce Luxury Vinyl Tile

Everything in nature is interconnected. As time passes, eras of life begin and end, and the repetition continues. Coalesce draws on the connectivity of nature and humankind, merging unexpected combinations of pattern into a cohesive, balanced story. Each design was influenced by the transformation of earthly materials into textiles and mosaics from the energy of the artisan touch. Inspired by mosaic artisan techniques, Geome features a geometric pattern with subtle slight color shifts and Oxidize has an anodized metal look, similar to glazed ceramic. Both designs are available in 18 in. x 36 in. tiles. Atro, Nona and Decima were designed as a trinity, each one with a unique, yet unified texture represented in neutral colors. Use them together or independently to create a unique space.

Breakthrough Innovations

All of these products feature Armstrong’s Diamond 10® Technology. This is a patented innovation that uses cultured diamonds to provide the ultimate in scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. With Diamond 10 Technology, you’ll never compromise the look you want for the durability you need. Made to stand up to the wear and tear of commercial settings, this low-maintenance solution keeps floors looking newer, longer.

These LVT lines are supported by an Armstrong 20 Year Commercial Limited Warranty. (Add 10 years of overall warranty coverage by using Strong System™ subfloor preparation products.) All of these products are proudly Made in the USA. Armstrong Flooring is primarily a domestic manufacturer, with five plants across the USA producing flooring from global and domestic content.

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 Available SKUs and Colors


Altitude ArgyllST150
Altitude Isle of SkyeST154
Altitude Loch NessST155
Altitude MoorlandST152
Altitude Red RockST151
Boreal BergenST285
Boreal CopenhagenST283
Boreal GothenburgST284
Boreal MalmoST282
Boreal OsloST281
Boreal StockholmST280
Earthen AmurST290
Earthen CaribouST294
Earthen CaspianST295
Earthen LynxST291
Earthen Snow FoxST292
Earthen TaimenST293
Montane EverestST255
Montane KilimanjaroST252
Montane Mont BlancST250
Montane MatterhornST251
Montane RainierST254
Montane UluruST253
Savannah DeltaST262
Savannah FerraliteST265
Savannah MaelstromST264
Savannah MirageST261
Savannah MonsoonST263
Savannah ZephyrST260
Selva ArabicaST273
Selva LianaST271
Selva MangroveST274
Selva MorphoST272
Selva SylvanST270
Selva understoryST275
Tellus MidsummerST132
Tellus Polar NightST133
Tellus SolsticeST131