WPC & SPC Vinyl Floors – Luxury at the Core

It’s no secret that luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are among the fastest growing categories in floor covering. If you’re researching LVT or LVP, you may also see the acronyms WPC (wood polymer composite) and SPC (stone polymer composite) which describe the “core” of the product. In the flooring world, there are plenty of acronyms and things can get confusing! LVT/LVP have three layers: a rigid or flexible core, a design layer making it look like wood or tile, and a wear layer that protects the floor. However, when it comes to differences in luxury vinyl, it all comes down to the core.

For many installations, the look of real wood or stone is desired, but for functionality and durability, luxury vinyl tile or plank is the smart choice. Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring (sometimes referred to as “engineered” flooring) is more durable and allows to look and feel more like real wood or stone.
The core of an LVT/LVP can be:

  • WPC (wood polymer composite) – A mixture of vinyl and wood flour (wood particles that resemble sawdust).
  • SPC (stone polymer composite) – A mixture of limestone powder and vinyl.
  • Vinyl-only core – soft and flexible often used in residential installations.
WPC Floor

Both WPC and SPC are TYPES of vinyl floor with layered construction, and both have important features to consider.

Features of WPC Vinyl Flooring

• Waterproof core that won’t swell, warp, or stain
• Softer and more comfortable under foot than SPC and absorbs impact
• Beautiful, printed vinyl design layer with countless wood or stone looking options
• Temperature stabilizer
• Noise reducing qualities (quieter than SPC)
• Low maintenance
• Easy installation
• Higher price point than SPC

Features of SPC Vinyl Flooring

  • Waterproof core
  • Ultra-dense – no rippling or swelling
  • The most durable vinyl option
  • Excellent in high traffic areas
  • Realistic stone and wood looks
  • Works well on uneven subfloors including tile, even if it’s imperfect or not completely level.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation

Whether your needs are for a tough floor or a comfortable and soft floor, both WPC and SPC vinyl flooring are suitable for a wide variety of installations. A number of manufacturers offer excellent rigid core vinyl flooring options in countless colors and styles, including Shaw’s Stratum with COREtec, Parterre’s AHF Rigid Core, and Mannington’s AUDRAMax. Continental Flooring can offer just the materials for your flooring WPC or SPC project, or complete installation services.  Be sure you explore all your options!

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