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From Ceiling to Serenity: Building Healthy Indoor Environments

In today’s fast-paced world, we find ourselves spending approximately 90% of our lives indoors.  The pandemic and recent years have underscored the profound impact our physical surroundings have on our overall well-being. This realization has brought to the forefront the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), consisting of key elements such as air quality, sound, […]

Prepare Your Floors For Winter

A cool and snowy season is right around the corner: are your floors prepared? Choosing the best flooring and matting for winter depends on your specific needs, the climate in your area, and your budget. Floor coverings can be great insulators while also providing comfort, safety, and support. Here are the types of floor coverings […]

Revolutionizing Procurement: Continental Flooring’s Cutting-Edge E-Commerce Services for Government Buyers

Continental has maintained its commitment to keeping up with the latest flooring trends, and we are busy growing and expanding our CFC Online Shop. This innovative online platform has been crafted to cater to agencies nationwide, streamlining the procurement of floor and ceiling products for governmental purposes. Chris Coleman, the President of Continental Flooring, emphasizes, […]

The Importance of Pre-Planning for Your Floor Covering Procurement

Even though the pandemic has ended, the well-documented snarls in the supply chain are still affecting renovations and new constructions project across the country. Facilities of all kinds are experiencing delays beyond their control from shipping holdups to backlogs in production at the manufacturer. When procuring floor covering products, there is always a chance for […]

Subfloor layers

Preparation is Key – The Importance of Understanding Subfloors

When purchasing flooring for any project, the subfloor should always be a part of the conversation. The type of existing subfloor, or the subfloor being put in, can influence which product is most effective for the surface and the space. The subfloor can make or break a successful flooring installation and it’s important that installers […]

Continental Flooring Awarded NEW OMNIA Partners Cooperative Contract

Continental is proud to offer a wide selection of goods and services under several cooperative contracts. Cooperative contracts are competitively bid and awarded to viable proposals. With the bidding process completed, agencies don’t have to go through this lengthy process, costs are lower, and purchasing is faster and easier for the purchasing entity. The Cooperative […]

Stair Treads – One Step at a Time

No matter the location, a staircase of any size can be a hazard. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), slips, trips, and falls constitute most general workplace accidents so it’s extremely important to look closely at stairs and their treads. The “tread” of the stair is the horizontal part of a staircase where […]

Maintenance Matters – Keeping Your Floors Clean

Clean floors aren’t just about a good appearance. Keeping any kind of flooring product maintained is an essential part of safety, functionality, and prolonging the life of a floor. Depending on the type of floor covering material, there are several reasons to have a maintenance plan and schedule in place. Some floor material is designed […]

Flooring in the Education – What Schools Need on the Floor

Like every building category, education buildings and schools are evolving. Whether it’s through architecture or design, schools are looking to modernize and improve functionality in meaningful ways for students… and this includes what’s on the floor. With countless feet moving throughout corridors and hallways, the floor becomes an important consideration. Flooring needs will change depending […]