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Safety Always Matters – The Importance of Nonslip Floors

Regardless of the type of facility you have, safety is crucial. Having a flooring solution with a nonslip (or slip retardant) surface can be critical in the wellbeing of everyone who walks into your building. Though no flooring will protect you 100% from slips and falls, choosing the right product will go a long way […]

Recycled Flooring – The Road to Sustainability

The world is quickly becoming overcrowded, and eventually resources will diminish. It has become very important that manufacturers of all kinds develop and promote sustainable products. Over the last decade, floor covering manufacturers have certainly carried their weight.  Working through different programs they have created, the common goal is to reduce the footprint on ecosystems […]

Everything Carpet – Taking a Closer Look Under Foot

Colors, fibers, backings, ratings, traffic, maintenance… There is a lot to consider in the wide world of carpet. Choosing the right commercial carpet can be overwhelming. There are so many carpets available that customers often don’t know where to start. Knowledge is power, so being educated about what is what under foot will go a […]

Made in USA – Keeping it Close to Home

In an uneasy global market, “Made in the USA” is an appealing label. In conjunction with the trending theme of staying safe, becoming eco-friendly and conserving materials, some notable flooring manufacturers are keeping some (or all) of their production plants in the United States. Since 1979, Continental’s family-owned and operated company has been serving as […]

Contactless Flooring Solutions from the Safety of Your Workspace

Continental Flooring has been serving our nation for more than 40 years. As an essential business, we are open, and have remained open, throughout this challenging time, always moving forward and helping you to purchase contactless floor coverings, ceiling systems and acoustical wall panels. We are aware that many of our buyers are working from […]

Message Mats – When Safety Matters Most

These are challenging times. Businesses, schools, hospitals, and other facilities need to make every effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Workplace safety has a new dimension which includes social distancing, disinfecting and diligent hand washing. Flooring mats can play an effective role in keeping workers both aware and safe. In addition to cleanliness and […]

When Budgets Matter – Options for Cost Effective Flooring

It is a unique time in the world. More than ever, budgets are at the forefront. Continental Flooring has helped buyers balance budgetary constraints for more than 40 years. There are a number of high-quality flooring options that won’t break the bank and can transform your facility. With advancements in commercial flooring technology, there are […]