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What’s New – Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tile  

Continental Flooring keeps pace with all the latest and greatest on the floor covering scene. Luxury vinyl tile is one of the most popular surfaces on the market today. Recently, Armstrong launched multiple new lines of LVT. Biome Luxury Vinyl Tile Biome emphasizes the luxury of wood patterns, unique graining and earthy brown tones represented […]

Woven Vinyl Flooring – A Durable Alternative to Vinyl

Considering vinyl for your project? You may want to consider a contemporary and eco-friendly alternative with the benefits of a soft surface flooring and the performance of a hard-surface product. Well known in the boating community as vessel flooring, woven vinyl flooring is making waves on the commercial scene and offers a unique combination of […]

Acoustical Walls – Barriers to Sound

Walls can easily go unnoticed, but they can also be a strategic part of room, facilities or buildings.  Noise is the number one complaint in the workplace, students are affected by acoustics in classrooms, and employees from hospitals often complain of unwanted noise as one of the leading sources of distraction for both patients and […]

Wall Base – A Renovation Solution

Flooring renovations can range from simple to complicated. Along with the flooring surface, walls are often damaged during the process. By selecting the right wall base, wall repair can be quickly alleviated. In addition, the finishing border you choose can also be the solution for concealing any gaps between the wall and the floor, especially […]

Cooperative Contracts – Power in Numbers!

There has always been power in numbers. The same holds true with cooperative contracts. Continental Flooring has been serving the government, state, and federal agencies for more than 40 years. Our decades of experience and expertise with procurement will make buying a snap. Continental is proud to offer a wide selection of goods under a […]

GSA and GSA Advantage – A Better Way to Buy Flooring

Now, more than ever, government agencies need easy, cost-saving options. Buying through a GSA (General Services Administration) Contract can simplify the purchasing process. The GSA was established in 1949 to help federal agencies buy goods and services at the best value available. The collection of pre-negotiated contracts is called the GSA Schedule or Federal Supply […]

Porcelain and Ceramic – Two Sides of the Same Coin

It’s not usual for buyers to think porcelain tile and ceramic tile can be used interchangeably. However, though they are both made from clay, they are distinctly different products with different usage. Both are ideal for a countless number of installations, but it’s important to understand the characteristics of each. Both tiles are created in […]

Safety Always Matters – The Importance of Nonslip Floors

Regardless of the type of facility you have, safety is crucial. Having a flooring solution with a nonslip (or slip retardant) surface can be critical in the wellbeing of everyone who walks into your building. Though no flooring will protect you 100% from slips and falls, choosing the right product will go a long way […]