Prepare Your Floors For Winter

A cool and snowy season is right around the corner: are your floors prepared? Choosing the best flooring and matting for winter depends on your specific needs, the climate in your area, and your budget. Floor coverings can be great insulators while also providing comfort, safety, and support.

Here are the types of floor coverings you should consider:


Carpeting is a simple solution in cold climates. Carpet can be a great insulator, especially over concrete subfloors. For broadloom carpet, be sure to choose an option with pad installation versus traditional glue down. Carpet tiles should also have thicker backings. If using carpet near entryways, look for carpets with stain guard protection to help with dirt or salts.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are a great way to contain moisture, debris, mud, and snow so your main floor coverings can last longer. Walk-off mats and rubber mats can be placed both indoors and outdoors, with customizable options available to suit your facility’s theme. Mats are another way to help prevent slips and falls.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber sheet and tiles are naturally slip resistant with excellent durability options for your facility. Rubber is great for hallways, lobbies, and other large areas with heavy traffic. The properties of rubber allow for a durable floor covering option with relatively easy maintenance; rubber is stain and scratch resistant and also offers textured profiles for added safety.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl tile and plank does well with moisture resistance, should you have any snow melt on your floors or rainy weather. Depending on the choice, it can also provide slip resistance and withstand heavy areas of traffic. Vinyl floors should be be partnered with entrance mats to increase moisture and slip resistance as well to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, vinyl floors are durable for high areas of traffic, which makes them viable for long time use against scratches and general wear and tear. Luxury vinyl in particular can have multiple wear layers to withstand heavy use.

Ceramic Tile

More commonly used floor coverings used in entrances and lobbies are ceramic and porcelain tile. These floor coverings are notable for moisture resistance. These tiles are non-porous and are capable of absorbing moisture and can be stain and scratch resistant.

Remember to consider the maintenance and cleaning requirements of your chosen flooring and mats, as winter weather can bring in a lot of dirt and moisture. Additionally, make sure any mats or rugs have a non-slip backing to prevent accidents in icy or wet conditions.

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