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Revolutionizing Procurement: Continental Flooring’s Cutting-Edge E-Commerce Services for Government Buyers

Continental has maintained its commitment to keeping up with the latest flooring trends, and we are busy growing and expanding our CFC Online Shop. This innovative online platform has been crafted to cater to agencies nationwide, streamlining the procurement of floor and ceiling products for governmental purposes. Chris Coleman, the President of Continental Flooring, emphasizes, […]

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Flooring in Different Environments

Getting the most out of your floors can depend on the climate and environment where it’s installed. Certain floors do better based on a variety of factors that impact your space. By making an informed purchase, you can get more value and longer lasting floor coverings. Different climates and environments pose unique challenges and considerations […]

Subfloor layers

Preparation is Key – The Importance of Understanding Subfloors

When purchasing flooring for any project, the subfloor should always be a part of the conversation. The type of existing subfloor, or the subfloor being put in, can influence which product is most effective for the surface and the space. The subfloor can make or break a successful flooring installation and it’s important that installers […]

Stair Treads – One Step at a Time

No matter the location, a staircase of any size can be a hazard. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), slips, trips, and falls constitute most general workplace accidents so it’s extremely important to look closely at stairs and their treads. The “tread” of the stair is the horizontal part of a staircase where […]

Maintenance Matters – Keeping Your Floors Clean

Clean floors aren’t just about a good appearance. Keeping any kind of flooring product maintained is an essential part of safety, functionality, and prolonging the life of a floor. Depending on the type of floor covering material, there are several reasons to have a maintenance plan and schedule in place. Some floor material is designed […]

Crossville Tile – Innovation and Sustainability

Crossville is one of the most intriguing manufacturers in floor covering today. Innovative, creative, and dedicated to sustainable design solutions, Crossville offers a wide range of products and pricing options. Crossville is “America’s leading manufacturer of porcelain tile while also offering a variety of glass and natural stone tile for interior and exterior floors, walls, […]

Contract Renewals and New Products for 2023

With the new year upon us, it’s time for some updates and changes across the floor covering industry. Continental Flooring offers several cooperative contracts which have recently been updated with new contract numbers, pricing, and products. There has always been power in numbers and the same holds true with cooperative contracts. Cooperative contracts allow members […]

Continental Flooring Company Joins Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance

Since 1979, Continental Flooring Company has been a leader in the floor covering industry as a government contractor principally serving federal and state governmental agencies across the nation and throughout the world. We are proud to announce our recent membership in the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance to help us to continue to provide the best […]