Woven Vinyl Flooring – A Durable Alternative to Vinyl

Considering vinyl for your project? You may want to consider a contemporary and eco-friendly alternative with the benefits of a soft surface flooring and the performance of a hard-surface product. Well known in the boating community as vessel flooring, woven vinyl flooring is making waves on the commercial scene and offers a unique combination of durability and beauty. Woven fabric layers bring depth and texture together for a stunning look. Made from PVC coated polyester yarn, woven vinyl flooring is easily sanitized, slip-resistant and may be applied in a myriad of settings, including:

  • Education: Classrooms, libraries, hallways, common areas
  • Healthcare and Assisted Living Facilities: Hallways, patient rooms,
    eating areas, waiting rooms, doctors’ offices
  • Corporate: Offices, break rooms, lobbies
  • Retail: Restaurants, retail stores, retail service facilities
  • Hospitality: Hotel/motel corridors, guest rooms, convention areas,
    cardio/workout areas
  • Multi-Level Housing: Apartment complexes, student housing,
    short-term residences

 Advantages of Woven Vinyl Flooring

  • Sleek, low profile, and architectural finishes
  • Repels stains, easy-to-clean
  • Impervious to dust and mold
  • Anti-microbial
  • Slip-resistant (wet or dry)
  • Indoor and outdoor use (UV resistant)
  • Recyclable

Manufacturers to explore:

Kinetex by J&J

Created as a unique floor covering alternative to hard-surface products, J+J Flooring’s Kinetex non-slip woven vinyl flooring encompasses an unprecedented range of performance attributes. In addition to its highly functional design, Kinetex offers a reduced environmental footprint compared to traditional hard-surface options.

Kinetex is one of the most thoroughly tested flooring products on the market. It has outstanding dimensional stability and unparalleled crush resistance and has withstood more than 5 million foot traffic events, which is equivalent to decades of traffic in a typical classroom or office setting. It’s easy to maintain with vacuuming and encapsulation cleaning. (The encapsulation cleaning system applies a cleaning solution containing a crystallizing, acrylic polymer that aid in breaking the bond between dirt, grease & grime and the carpet fibers.)

In addition, Kinetex is moisture tolerant and has a lightweight face construction, retains less water than carpet and dries faster. It is easily sanitized and resists the most challenging staining agents, including beverages, condiments, oily food, biological spills and most other common stains.

Crosswire by FLEXCO®

FLEXCO® Crosswire woven vinyl flooring is a look that lasts. It’s one thing for flooring to look nice on day one, it’s another to still look good after years of use. Daily foot traffic, cleaning and disinfecting, and regular wear and tear inflict serious abuse. In heavy-use commercial environments, Crosswire® Woven Vinyl Flooring from FLEXCO® takes the look of carpet and adds superior durability, stain resistance and ease of cleaning and disinfection.

Crosswire’s woven polyester threads embedded under a protective topcoat layer create a design that is impenetrable by allergens. Selvage edges eliminate fraying, while multiple base layers add comfort and resilience. The subtle texture of the threads provides a slip-resistant surface that resists wear patterns yet is easy to clean. Crosswire comes in 10 on-trend colors coordinated with other FLEXCO flooring.

reThink by Shaw

Shaw’s “reThink” is a woven innovation. ReThink’s woven textile focuses on the structure of the fabric to combine hard surface durability and soft surface aesthetics. Known for ease-of-maintenance and engineered for performance, reThink  will resist stains and scuffs while preventing frayed edges. The surface is finish coated with ExoGuard™ finish which coats the surface of the woven fabric for added ease of maintenance.

Woven vinyl flooring is an excellent product to consider for almost any application. Ask your Continental Flooring representative about available options. We can offer materials only or complete installation services. GSA Buyers may wish to register online to view GSA pricing. This feature allows buyers quick, up-to-date access to 17 different GSA contracted manufacturers. Please feel free to call us for product advice, free samples, assistance in specifications, or to place an order. One call does it all!